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Benfits of Greenhouse Film

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Garden Staking Basic Guide

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Sustainable House and Garden Mini-Expo Sunday 1 March 2015, 10-4pm.

Features: Tours of house and garden;
Experts from Sage Environmental (greenhouses), Enviroflex (insulation), EnviroShop (sustainable products and solutions)
$5 Adults (proceeds to ATA charity)
Our event is part of the Sustainable Living Festival 2015.

For more information click this link:

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Growing your own plants is a satisfying and inexpensive hobby. Propagation of plants refers to producing more plants by dividing, grafting, or taking cuttings from existing plants. If you have seen a beautiful plant in your neighbor's garden or somewhere else in the area, here is your opportunity to include it in your garden too. Unlike seed, cuttings and divisions of plants will result in an identical plant that will reproduce the same beautiful flowers, blossom etc. that probably attracted you to it in the first place.

See our website for all of your propagation equipment and supplies: 


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02 Dec / 2014

Why use a Glasshouse?

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Probably the most obvious answer to the question “why use a glasshouse?” is that it opens up the opportunity for the gardener to grow a broader range of plants - and earlier - but it is not of course unique in this respect. Cloches, cold frames, conservatories and old-fashioned porches all share this, to a greater or less degree, though none of these offers quite the same amount of dedicated growing space as the true glasshouse. Never-the-less, if simply raising a few seeds or cutting is all you really want to do, any one of these could provide a suitable alternative. The glasshouse, however, has other things to offer.  


One of the most important things a glasshouse can do is to provide additional warmth and protection from the elements and there is one particular aspect of this role which can often be largely forgotten, while cold frames and mini-glasshouses manage this effectively for plants, they offer the grower very little shelter. The opportunity to bring on plants in the grey wet days of winter to steal a march on the spring garden is a very attractive idea, but not a particularly practical one without the chance to do it without having to stand out in the worst of the season’s icy blasts!


The glasshouse offers unparalleled opportunities to grow herbs and vegetables as well as plants. All manner of fruit and vegetables lend themselves to be grown even in unheated conditions - and the choice is not limited to tomatoes. With a little supplementary heat during the colder months, the choices become even wider.

A final aspect of the glasshouse which sometimes tends to get overlooked is the real contribution it can make to the garden as a whole. It allows you to grow bedding plants, cuttings and food at a fraction of the cost of buying them and with more satisfaction in the process.  A well set up glasshouse can also provide an interesting and colorful display as a garden structure. A glasshouse enhances the garden, becoming a feature in its own right.



Glass has unique properties of high light transmission (especially important for plant growth during the critical period of early spring) and attracts solar heat energy, trapping warmth re-emitted from the soil, structure and plants. Glass is timeless, rigid, optically superior, won’t scratch and aesthetically pleasing (unlike plastics which show age, degradation and have limited life spans depending on the quality and thickness). Its polished smooth surface retains fewer deposits and is more resistant to environmental staining. 


Perhaps most of the real benefits that the glasshouse brings come down to one simple thing; it makes all year round gardening possible. Unheated, cool or warm, there is always a chance to grow something in a glasshouse to provide a little splash of colour in the house or modest contribution to the kitchen table.


Why use one? Simple - because they work!

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Customer Testimonial

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