Seedling Heat Mat Tray – Propagation Kits & Cell Trays

A heated propagation tray is a versatile and efficient tool for seed germination and plant propagation. By providing a controlled and consistent warmth to the seeds or cuttings, it promotes faster and more successful root development. This accelerates growth, enhances plant health, and increases overall propagation success rates, making it a must-have for gardeners and horticulturists.

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Heated Propagation Tray With Thermostat

$125.00 (inc. gst)
Heated Propagation Tray The Heated Propagation Tray allows you to control your growing conditions, promoting faster and healthier growth and

Air Layering Capsules – 5 Pack

$6.00$12.00 (inc. gst)
Air Layering is a type of propagation to create a genetically identical plants from a parent plant. Similar to propagating