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We have an exclusive range of Vasilis fertilisers and garden supplies available to buy online. The range includes Black Grit, Superfood Fine Course, Citrus Guard White Spray, Liquid Gold, Eco Booch, Waterbac and more.
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Sage Horticultural brings you a range of Vasilis Garden Products, your premier destination for top-quality fertilisers, supplies, and everything you need for a thriving garden. As a popular name in gardening, Vasilis Garden is synonymous with excellence. Our online shop brings the expertise of Vasili’s Garden directly to your fingertips.Discover a world of gardening wonders with Sage Horticultural and we have partnered with Vasilis Garden to bring you an exclusive range of fertilisers. Explore Vasili’s Garden specials that cater to your specific needs, curated with the care and wisdom from years of experience.

Immerse yourself in the essence of Vasili’s Garden, whether you’re a fan of the 3AW Vasili’s Garden radio show, Vasili’s Garden Magazine, or the delightful Vasili’s Garden to Kitchen journey. We’re not just a store; we’re an Australia family owned business that nurtures your passion for gardening.

Our online shopping experience aims to provide you with the best experience possible with garden and horticulture needs. Transform your garden into a haven with Vasilis – your partner in growth and prosperity. Explore the range of Vasilis products here at Sage Horticultural.
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Vasili’s Black Grit 1.5kg

$18.00 (inc. gst)
Soil Health, Fertility and Sustainability

Vasili’s Black Grit 4kg

$37.00 (inc. gst)
Soil Health, Fertility and Sustainability

Vasili’s Black Grit 18kg

$89.95 (inc. gst)
Soil Health, Fertility and Sustainability