Greenhouse Shelving, Benches & Stand for Sale in Australia

Fit your greenhouse out with the strongest & durable flat top benches and tiered shelving. Manufactured from heavy gauge 20mm square tube, galvanised inside and out with 50mm x 50mm weldmesh welded tops . The standard height of our flat top benches is 690mm, we can manufacture extension legs so we can make your bench higher. No nuts & bolts required for installation, legs push onto spigot fitting that is mounted on underside of bench top. Extremely long-lasting.
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Greenhouse Bench

Buy Quality Greenhouse Benches

Greenhouses are brilliant for growing all sorts of plants all year round with minimal exposure to insects, extreme heat and extreme cold.  But unlike outdoor gardens, you only have so much space to work with.  The best way to make the most out of every square meter of greenhouse space is by investing in benches and shelves.

At Sage Horticultural we have a variety of quality greenhouse benches for sale.  Our benches are available in different styles and sizes and are manufactured from quality, durable materials to enable optimal growing inside greenhouses.

Different Types of Benches Available

Take a look at our selection of gardening supplies, and you’ll see that we stock different types of benches to enable you to arrange and set up your greenhouse any way you please.

Potting benches – Our potting benches are characterised by their high work surface, and a solid galvanised steel work tray.  These benches are available in different sizes and styles.  Some are higher than others, some are longer, and others are fitted with a bottom grid that allows you to stack other types of plants.

Flat top benches – These benches are mostly uniform in design, but we do have a huge variety of sizes available.  Our flat top benches are manufactured from 20mm galvanised square metal tubing, fitted with three legs and the surface is fully gridded to allow the free flow of air and water and to ease plant stacking.

Tiered benches – Tiered benches are the perfect choice for lining the outer structures of your greenhouse.  You can stack a lot more plants on these tiered shelves, and these types of benches do wonders for aesthetics inside your greenhouse.  We have a wide range of tier benches to choose from that range from 2 tier to 4 tier benches in different sizes.

The Benefits of Using Benches in Your Greenhouse

Of course, you can utilise the ground surface of your greenhouse for planting, but it is always best to use benches inside your greenhouse because they offer many benefits such as the following;

  • Easy for stacking up potted plants
  • Helps you utilise your space to the fullest
  • Easier to maintain plants when you can see them better
  • Reduces the chances of infestations
  • They create order out of potential chaos
  • The benches are highly durable and resistant against rust
  • Flat top benches have a double function since they can also be used as a table surface for greenhouse breakfasts
  • Spacious work surfaces make it much easier for you to tend to all your plants
  • Grid surfaces allow water to drain from your plants easily
  • It is easier to keep your greenhouse clean and tidy

Are you interested in our benches?  We welcome you to give our business a call on 03 9796 3100 to find out more about our range of benches or to order yours right now.
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2 Tier Bench – 680mm high x 570mm deep

$225.50$594.00 (inc. gst)
Australian Made - Commercial Quality

3 Tier Bench – 1100mm high x 810mm deep

$247.50$869.00 (inc. gst)
Australian Made - Commercial Quality

4 Tier Bench – 1100mm high x 1080mm deep

$297.00$1,045.00 (inc. gst)
Australian Made - Commercial Quality

Flat Top Bench – 510mm Wide

$181.50$643.50 (inc. gst)
Australian Made - Commercial Quality

Flat Top Bench – 610mm Wide

$192.50$764.50 (inc. gst)
Australian Made - Commercial Quality

Flat Top Bench – 810mm Wide

$269.50$836.00 (inc. gst)
Australian made - Commercial quality

Flat Top Bench – 910mm Wide

$324.50$863.50 (inc. gst)
Australian Made - Commercial Quality

Flat Top Bench – 1010mm Wide

$345.00$984.50 (inc. gst)
Australian Made - Commercial Quality