Hoops for Greenhouses

If you are considering building a greenhouse to grow and protect your plants, consider building a hoop house. A hoophouse, or tunnel house, will provide your plants with ideal temperature conditions, in addition to insect, animal, weed or fungal protection.

A  hoop house is a quicker and cheaper alternative to traditional glass or polyethylene film plastic greenhouses. Hoop houses commonly used as starter houses, or as a covering for plants that need extra protection in unfavourable weather conditions.
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Hoop Greenhouses Protection

One main advantage of hoop greenhouses is that they are relatively easy to build, allowing you to quickly provide protection for your plants. At Sage Horticultural, we specialise in providing you with all the material you need to set up or maintain your  hoop, as well as any technical expertise you may require.

Uses and Advantages of Hoop Greenhouses

Hoop greenhouses differ from the traditional garden greenhouse in that they are built in the shape of a tunnel of polyethylene plastic, and plants are grown in the ground, as opposed to pots in a greenhouse. This means that they can grow far more plants than a greenhouse.

  • Hoophouses help to reduce loss of crops from unfavourable weather conditions leading to high yields while creating opportunities for plants to be grown both in and out of season under controlled conditions.
  • Hoophouses offer a good way to control pests, reducing the need for pesticides and ensuring wholesome and healthy plants, while also ensuring soil health.
  • As hoophouses offer a year-round growing environment, different crops can be planted at different times, allowing for greater diversity and higher production.
  • Additionally, hoop houses rarely use heaters or coolers to control their interior temperature as they can be kept sealed to retain trapped heat, or end and side flaps can be raised to lower temperatures when necessary.
  • They are easy to build and operate and can last up to ten years.
  • In addition, if more growing space is required, they can easily be expanded, or they can be relocated with relative ease, if need be.
  • One of the greatest advantages to a hoophouse however, is that the initial investment needed to build one is quite low, ensuring a quick return on your investment.

At Sage Horticultural, we stock a wide variety of high-quality greenhouse hoops for sale, that are both sturdy and durable.

Plastic Hoops – Who Can Benefit?

Hoops come in different sizes and lend to both personal and commercial farming. Commercial greenhouses are often used to produce vegetables, fruits, flowers and transplants in high quantities, while personal hoophouses are smaller and are used to grow garden vegetables, flowers and herbs.

Thus, individuals and commercial entities both benefit from these tunnel houses, with hobby growers passing that benefit along to family and friends, while commercial growers pass it along to retail and wholesale outlets in the food industry, as well as restaurants and institutions.

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Polytunnel Hoops 2.80m wide x 2.6m high

$110.00 (inc. gst)
Commercial grade polytunnel hoops are made in Melbourne from Australian steel.