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As with all industries, when it comes to gardening and horticulture those that are approaching it for the first time may believe that in order to become successful you need all the tools of the trade. Fortunately, as the vast majority of people know, this is not the case. All it really takes is the commitment to start and the discipline to follow those initial steps and watch your efforts transform into a garden or greenhouse you can be proud of.
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Horticultural Supplies Ready to Ship Across Australia

Here at Sage Horticultural, we make horticultural supplies available across Australia at exceptional prices and have done so for over 35 years. From our base in Hallam, Victoria, our family run business seeks to manufacture and supply a wide and comprehensive range of premium quality products that will afford gardeners and horticulturalists of all experience and interest levels a wealth of choice.

Basic Horticultural Supplies

Regardless of whether you are new to the industry or have been happily growing and reaping the benefits of your efforts for decades, it is essential that you can access the appropriate horticulture supplies you need when you require them.

At Sage Horticultural, our range of gardening supplies online and horticultural products is extensive and grouped into a broad list of categories, which include:

The basic essentials that are required to make a start on any garden project you have in mind will, of course, start with a strong pair of gloves that will offer durability but won’t be so bulky that they cramp your ability to carry out delicate work or where you need to spread seeds.

Pruning shears and loppers are handy to have when things get a little overgrown, and you need to do some intricate trimming, or if you need to trim hard to reach areas and break through thicker branches. Naturally, no garden is complete with the presence of a hand trowel, as this essential tool will typically be present as you plant and start to cultivate each item in your garden.

Complement these horticultural products with a spade to carry out digging as and when required, a rake to keep things tidy during the Autumn months and a watering can and you are already well on your way to having everything you need to work your garden like a pro. Once you add a trusty wheelbarrow, your status as a gardener will be somewhat undeniable!

Horticultural Products & Supplies Backed Up by Exceptional Service & Support

At Sage Horticultural, we are proud members of the Nursery and Garden Industry Australia (NGIV) and our reputation among our loyal customer base is second to none.

We believe that in offering excellent greenhouse prices as it is also essential that this is backed up with superior support in the form of technical advice, fertiliser formulations based on your requirements, service, repairs and spare parts for a variety of equipment, leaf and soil analysis interpretation of results and Javo Potting Machines service, parts and advice.

So, no matter what you need to bring out the best in your garden, you can depend on the team here at Sage Horticultural to deliver the horticultural supplies you need and without charging you the earth.
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