Wild Life Friendly Bird Netting

We have a range of wild life friendly bird netting at Sage Horticultural.

Our Wildlife Friendly Bird Netting is specially designed to provide effective protection against avian pests while minimizing harm to local wildlife. With a focus on conservation and ecological balance, our netting solutions offer a humane approach to crop protection.
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At Sage Horticultural, we offer a diverse range of bird netting solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. From traditional bird netting to our wildlife-friendly alternatives, we have options to suit every application.

Discover the full range of wildlife-friendly bird netting options available at Sage Horticultural. Join us in promoting sustainable agriculture and preserving our natural ecosystems.

Sage Horticultural carry a range of Wildlife Friendly Anti Bird Netting, that complies with Victorian domestic laws. Suitable for Victorian domestic use please see more information at:


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