Guards & Stakes for Plants and Trees

Plant guards and stakes are essential tools for supporting and protecting plants throughout their growth journey. Plant guards act as a protective shield, shielding young and delicate plants from harsh weather, pests, and accidental damage. They create a microclimate that promotes healthy growth while safeguarding against external threats.

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Stakes, on the other hand, provide structural support to plants, ensuring they grow upright and preventing them from bending or breaking under their weight. These sturdy supports are particularly useful for tall or climbing plants, helping them reach their full potential. Together, plant guards and stakes play a vital role in nurturing plants and ensuring their successful development.

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Bamboo Stakes – 750mm x 10/12mm – Qty 30

$10.00 (inc. gst)
Bamboo Stakes 750mm – Pack 30 – 10 to 12mm thick Bamboo Stakes are 10-12mm thick and 750mm long. Used

Bamboo Stakes – 750mm x 12/14mm – Qty 30

$12.00 (inc. gst)
Bamboo Stakes 750mm – Pack 30 – 12 to 14mm thick Bamboo Stakes are 12-14mm thick and 750mm long. Used