Greenhouse Igloo Growing Tunnels For Sale

Green Houses tunnel (Igloos, Polytunnels, Hoop Houses, Hot Houses). Designed as an easy DIY kit for installation, the kit is supplied with a fully galvanized frame, timber supports and 150 micron horticultural plastic film for the skin.

Here are a few examples of plastic tunnel green houses. In this same category of green houses, you have plastic tunnel, poly tunnel, igloo, hoop houses and hot houses. Not all are pictured here.
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Greenhouse Tunnel Solutions for Australia

At the start of any endeavour, it is difficult to determine exactly where things will end up. For those that enter into the gardening and horticultural industry and hope to generate a sustainable income from their produce, small beginnings can ramp up over time. This can require additional space that affords them the same, or an even better standard of climate control that will enable them to increase their output without compromising quality.

A greenhouse tunnel offers the kind of flexibility to growers that a traditional, rigid structure equivalent may not. In the beginning, in the absence of financing, making every dollar that you invest in your endeavour count is crucial. As such, rather than going down the road of installing a greenhouse made from glass, choosing to opt for a hoop house could prove to be a smart move in time, since it will enable you to expand on what you have in a much faster and cost-effective manner.

Here at Sage Horticultural, our 35 plus years manufacturing and supplying premium quality products for this industry has taught us many things, but chief among them is that the customers require flexibility and a diverse range of options to meet their specific approach to gardening and horticulture. To this end, you will find a wealth of products on our site, and we hope that you will be pleased with how competitively they are priced.

Greenhouse Tunnels: A Flexible Alternative

The main difference between greenhouse tunnels and the traditional greenhouse is that they are unheated. As such, the immediate benefit is that less energy must be used in order to generate growth. Heat from the sun is all that is required, and the cooling process is a natural one, which does not require the use of fans.

In terms of construction, grow tunnels are a far less complicated structure to realise. Polyethylene and metal piping usually constitute for the materials required, which means that it is less likely that you will have to engage the services of a tradie if you are DIY oriented. However, should you hand the task over, the installation will cost a lot less than a traditional greenhouse.

Those that are uncertain whether they will need additional space in the months or years to come will be pleased to learn that a tunnel greenhouse can be expanded to accommodate more plants or multiple bays for growth.

What’s more, they are a relatively easy structure to move or relocate if you must. It does not take long to disassemble them, and, again, reconstruction, when you settle once again, won’t set you back a whole lot of time or money.

The good news is that you can expect the same benefits as you would from a normal greenhouse. You can better prevent against pests and disease compromising your efforts and, this structure also enables you to deter the negative impact that extreme weather conditions can have. As such, your possibility to maintain optimal growing conditions increases.

Tunnel for Greenhouse – Achieve More for Less

At Sage Horticultural, we have growing tunnels for sale and if you need to speak with someone about any aspect of this wonderful product, feel free to get in touch. Our family run business offers superior support and technical advice that gardeners all across Australia can access, and it could prove the difference in terms of helping you make up your mind about what is right for your endeavour.

So, get in touch today, or order online safe in the knowledge that with Sage Horticultural, you are in the hands of a team that has grown with its customer base and strives to ensure that they can achieve more for less.
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