Greenhouse Thermostats

Thermostat controls the temperature of heat mats evenly and provides constant optimum temperatures for specific plants.

Greenhouse thermostats play a crucial role in maintaining the ideal growing conditions for your plants. By regulating heat mats, these devices ensure a consistent and optimal temperature, essential for the growth of specific plant varieties. Whether you’re nurturing delicate seedlings or cultivating heat-loving crops, our thermostats provide a reliable solution.

These innovative tools take the guesswork out of temperature management, helping you create a controlled environment where plants can thrive. With the ability to maintain steady and customised temperatures, your greenhouse will become a haven for healthy and vigorous plant growth. Invest in the power of greenhouse thermostats and watch your plants flourish like never before.

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Cultiv8 Thermostat

$45.00 (inc. gst)
Cultiv8 Thermostat – For use with Heat Mats and Tube Heaters. The Cultiv8 Thermostat Temperature Controller is ideal for use

Thermostat – Heat Mat

$53.00 (inc. gst)
Heat Mat Thermostat This electronic temperature controller is compatible with all heat mats. The thermostat controls the temperature of heat

Thermostat Digital to suit Foil Mats

$255.00 (inc. gst)
Digital ThermostatsĀ to suit Foil Mats Essential for operating Foil MatĀ  – selling as a replacement spare part only. (All Foil

Thermostat with Glands & Leads for Cable on Mesh

$155.00 (inc. gst)
Capillary action thermostat with Glands & Leads for temperature control (0-40 degree +/-1.5 degree) used with  

Unboxed Thermostat & Knob- 20AMP

$85.00 (inc. gst)
Unboxed Thermostat & Knob- 20AMP Capillary action thermostat used in the Sage Glasshouse Heaters and Bottom Heating Propagation Trays. Also