Glasshouses in Australia

Anybody can become a gardener. There are plenty of options out there no matter what size property you live on, and regardless of whether you are a city dweller or living in a harsh, rural climate.

A glass house kitis a great choice for those that want to dip their toes into the wonderful world of all things garden related, and with mini greenhouses accessible that allow even those challenged for space, there has never been a better time to try it out for yourself.

Are you looking for glasshouses in Australia? Here at Sage Horticultural, we make glass houses accessible by offering high-quality products at exceptional prices here on our site.
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Glass Houses for Sale in Victoria

We operate a family run business from our showroom in Hallam, Victoria, and over the past 35 years, we have developed a fantastic reputation as a dependable source of great products and superior advice.

Improve Your Chances with Our Glasshouses

One of the key advantages glass houses give Australia’s growers is a means to create the optimum growing environment. Depending on where you live, you will undoubtedly experience a fair amount of hot weather, intense sunlight and perhaps, at times, more extreme weather conditions.

If your plants are out in the open, they will either burn up or get blown away or destroyed as a result of the changing climate conditions. A secure place within which you can tend to and cultivate them increases your chances of a successful yield.

Those that seek glass houses for sale typically have another key factor in mind. That is the protection of their crops, flowers, shrubs and plants against pests and disease. Having a controlled environment that is secured against the possibility of pest infestation is one thing but having the ability to quickly identify any compromised plants and eliminate them before the problem spreads is vital.

At Sage Horticultural, we appreciate just how important it is that fruit, veg, flower and crop producers can continue their work no matter what weather they face. Glasshouses make this a reality and no matter what temperatures you face, there are ways that you can adapt your space so that you create the optimal conditions for your plants to thrive.

Get Glasshouses from us – Our Doors Are Open to You

Having a glass house also means that you have a greater degree of flexibility in terms of how you arrange your plants. Using pots is a perfect way to ensure that each plant you have grows in the right soil for it, receives the appropriate fertilisers and feeds, and does not impact on the ability of other plants to develop. Better still, if you wish to regularly change the aesthetics, it is much easier to do so.

Glasshouses Kits That Stand Out from The Rest

Glasshouses are the original precursor to the contemporary greenhouse dating back centuries. They make an excellent option for dedicated horticulturists whether they be backyard, commercial or industrial growers. Glasshouses are the most aesthetically pleasing greenhouses and often feature as part of outdoor entertainment setups.

Glasshouses Online – The Perfect Solution for Your Garden

At Sage Horticultural we understand the importance of long-lasting, durable greenhouses. So when it comes to glasshouses, we offer only the finest Eden aluminium frame structures. We stock everything you need including:

  • The Eden glasshouse 6 series, the perfect option for gardeners with a small or limited growing space. The 8 series is an outstanding choice for those interested in propagation or starting their own domestic greenhouse.
  • The Eden glasshouse 8 series, just what the gardener with a large grow area needs. The 8 series offers greater growing space that fits most backyards comfortably.
  • The Eden glasshouse 10 series, the premium glasshouse favoured by landscape designers, dedicated horticulturists and nursery growers. The 10 series delivers maximum grow space, increased airflow and boasts superior aesthetics.
  • The Eden glasshouse Lean-to series, one of our most popular glasshouses offering grow space in even the most restricted gardens. The Lean-to series is a great option for those thinking of investing in their garden for the first time or for those looking to downsize their growing environment.
  • Eden glasshouse shade covers, spare parts and accessories. We also stock plant benches, staging, roof vents, crop clips and auto vents offering extensive customisability of your glasshouse.

The Benefits Of Our Glasshouses

The aluminium Eden greenhouse is expertly designed and constructed with the highest quality materials. Its aluminium frame combined with toughened safety glass form a sound structure that will not corrode, rust, rot or degrade from sunlight. With essentially no maintenance costs, our glasshouses are affordable and guaranteed to stand extreme weather and the test of time.

Our selection of glasshouses comes with:

  • Wide, lockable double doors
  • High eaves providing plenty of space for both people and plants
  • Wide gutters and downpipes that drain large amounts of rainwater and also allow for easy maintenance
  • Strong integral frame base that speeds up the installation process
  • Frame finished in green, black or silver
  • Toughened safety glass that provides excellent durability

Find Your New Glasshouse at Sage Horticultural

Our glasshouses come in a range of different sizes to cater to your specific garden or growing area. They are fully customisable to adapt to any horticultural requirements. Not only will an Eden glasshouse add to the quality of your garden, but its sleek appearance will also beautify your growing environment.

To get a real sense of what a glass greenhouse can offer, you simply have to see it in person. Why not stop by the Sage Horticultural showroom for a detailed presentation? Or you can check out the photos of our completed kits online. We also offer delivery and installation assistance so call us today and let us help you find your perfect glasshouse.

As one of the market leaders in the manufacture and supply of gardening and horticultural products, we have dealt with thousands of customers and helped them to determine the best paths forward whenever they were faced with a challenge that must be overcome in order to protect the integrity of their crop.

At Sage Horticultural, the best glass houses for sale in Melbourne can be found in our online store. However, no matter if you are a home gardener, a hobbyist, tending to a school or government property, or if you are a commercial grower, our doors are open to you, Monday to Friday from 8:30 AM to 5 PM.
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Greenhouse 6ft x 6ft Glass

$3,955.00 (inc. gst)
6ft x 6ft Greenhouse with 4mm Safety Glass SKU: PG0606H-PC6 Width                    

Greenhouse 6ft x 8ft Glass

$4,615.00 (inc. gst)
6×6 Greenhouse with 4mm Toughened Glass SKU: PG0606H-PC6 Width                     1972mm (6ft

Greenhouse 6ft x 10ft Glass

$5,275.00 (inc. gst)
6ft x 10ft Greenhouse with 4mm Toughened Glass SKU: PG0606H-PC6 Width                    

Greenhouse 6ft x 12ft Glass

$5,935.00 (inc. gst)
6ft x 12ft Greenhouse with 4mm Toughened Glass SKU: PG0606H-PC6 Width                    

Greenhouse 6ft x 16ft Glass

$7,915.00 (inc. gst)
6ft x 16ft Greenhouse with 4mm Toughened Glass SKU: PG0606H-PC6 Width                    

Greenhouse 6ft x 20ft Glass

$9,235.00 (inc. gst)
6ft x 20ft Greenhouse with 4mm Toughened Glass SKU: PG0606H-PC6 Width                    

Greenhouse 6ft x 24ft Glass

$10,795.00 (inc. gst)
6ft x 24ft Greenhouse with 4mm Toughened Glass SKU: PG0606H-PC6 Width                    

Greenhouse 8ft x 6ft Glass

$4,615.00 (inc. gst)
8ft x 6ft Greenhouse with 4mm Toughened Glass SKU: PG0606H-PC6 Width                    

Greenhouse 8ft x 8ft Glass

$5,275.00 (inc. gst)
8ft x 8ft Greenhouse with 4mm Toughened Glass SKU: PG0606H-PC6 Width                    

Greenhouse 8ft x 10ft Glass

$5,935.00 (inc. gst)
8ft x 10ft Greenhouse with 4mm Toughened Glass SKU: PG0606H-PC6 Width                    

Greenhouse 8ft x 12ft Glass

$6,595.00 (inc. gst)
8ft x 12ft Greenhouse with 4mm Toughened Glass SKU: PG0606H-PC6 Width                    

Greenhouse 8ft x 16ft Glass

$9,235.00 (inc. gst)
8ft x 16ft Greenhouse with 4mm Toughened Glass SKU: PG0606H-PC6 Width