Perlite 50 & 100 Litre Bags Supplies Australia

Discover the Versatility of Perlite

Unlock the full potential of your gardening endeavours with our premium Perlite 50 & 100 Litre Bag. This lightweight and porous mineral additive is a game-changer for every green thumb.

Perlite improves soil aeration and drainage at the roots, promoting healthy root growth and enhancing overall plant health. Its unique structure allows for optimal water drainage, preventing soil compaction and root rot. Being in inorganic, Perlite does not deteriorate or break down. In outdoor gardens, Perlite acts as an insulator, reducing extreme soil temperature fluctuations.

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Say goodbye to overwatering! Perlite helps regulate moisture levels by absorbing excess water and slowly releasing it back to the roots when needed. This ensures your plants receive adequate hydration without the risk of drowning. Protect your plants from extreme temperature fluctuations with Perlite. Its excellent insulation properties create a stable and favourable environment for optimal growth, especially in challenging climates.

We deliver perlite in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide or any other parts of Australia. Just order online.

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