Plastic Capillary Matting

A handy addition for any garden is plastic matting. With this matting, you can protect your grass, prevent wildlife from eating your greenery or even simply have a makeshift path around your garden to help with access.

Amongst our product line are various matting solutions, including plastic matting. This high-quality matting will survive bad weather, is made from a strong material, and is suitable for any garden in Australia.
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Versatile Plastic Matting from Sage Horticultural

Whether your garden has a small patch of grass or is comparable to a field, here are two key benefits to having matting in it.

Protection Against Wildlife

As adorable as animals can be, when they start eating your grass it can ruin your garden. Patches of dead or eaten grass have only one solution: sprinkling grass seeds.

This in itself isn’t a hassle, but grass seeds can take weeks to grow. By covering up your grass with matting, animals are only able to eat the grass tips, therefore, preventing your garden from being torn up by the likes of hungry rabbits.

No More Muddy Shoes Are you tired of having to wipe dirt or dampness off your shoes every time you take a stroll outside? This matting doesn’t just protect your grass but also stops your shoes from getting filthy.

While just a small benefit, you won’t find yourself mopping up muddy footprints in your kitchen anytime soon!

Using Capillary Matting

Another type of matting that many gardeners find incredibly useful is capillary matting There are several benefits to using this:

  • Your plants can absorb water from the matting if they are thirsty (no risk of them dehydrating on hotter days)
  • This matting can be used to water multiple plants at once
  • It’s an inexpensive solution for automatically watering your plants

When you order capillary watering mats from our store, you can either have it cut to length or purchase an entire roll. Regardless of which you choose, our capillary mat rolls are 2 metres wide.

Get Plastic Matting – All Your Horticultural Products in One Place

Our store doesn’t stop at plastic matting. From basic products like plant pots and gardening gloves all the way to greenhouses, you’ll find all your gardening and horticultural products at Sage Horticultural. But why order from us?

Expanding Product Line We already have a wide product range but to give you even more products to choose from, our team are constantly adding more to our store.

Competitive Pricing When you order from our gardening store, you can be assured that you’re getting the best prices on the market, and a top-notch customer experience.

Services: Aside from offering high-quality products in our store, we also offer a selection of services that customers can benefit from. Equipment repairs and fertiliser advice are just two of the popular services you can contact us about. Our other range of products include

Place Your Plastic Matting Order Now!

Plastic or capillary matt, go ahead and place your order today so that it can be in your hands as soon as possible. High-quality matting should be a part of every garden, and that’s exactly what you’ll get from our store.

If you can’t find the matting that you want in our store, give us a call on 03 9796 3100, and we’ll see what we can do to help.
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