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Sustainable House & Garden Mini Expo

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Sustainable House and Garden Mini-Expo Sunday 1 March 2015, 10-4pm.

Features: Tours of house and garden;
Experts from Sage Environmental (greenhouses), Enviroflex (insulation), EnviroShop (sustainable products and solutions)
$5 Adults (proceeds to ATA charity)
Our event is part of the Sustainable Living Festival 2015.

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Living better for less.

It is not a dream, it is possible, and fantastic. And it can be done at low cost and deliver many savigs.
Most changes have been easy, some decisions were wrong. and we are happy to share them all..

The house we bought in 2002 in Melbourne, Australia was typical. It was dark, draughty and inefficient and the 'garden' was a jumbled mess.

We have reworked the house and garden to make it more efficient, productive, comfortable, delightful and sustainable.
We have made small investments as improvements over time. We have used our expertise from working in sustainability (energy, water, materials and waste).

Now our bills are small, about 70% of a typical family home. And we are very comfortable, have fun and absolutely love living in this beautiful home and garden. It is our haven!

  • * No air conditioning
    * Minimal heating and energy
    * Minimal water
    * Garden oasis
    * Hydroponic greenhouse
    * Grey water and tank water
    * Fruit, vegetables, herbs and indigenous plants
    * Solar PV panels.

We love sharing our stories, show how things work, discuss what went right and wrong and inspiring others! Visit our Sustainable Home & Garden Mini Expo, and learn how to be part of the solution for a sustainable world,

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