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Shade House

Greenhouses are different from shade houses, and quite often people will confuse the terms as they are not very clear on the function of each. Shade houses are similar to greenhouses but are not often classed in the category of greenhouses, as they are, in fact, the exact opposite of greenhouses.

Garden Shade House For Sale

The fundamental difference between a shade house and a greenhouse is that greenhouses are designed to receive a maximum amount of sunlight and keep warm, moist air trapped in their interior.

A garden shade house, on the other hand, is designed simply to provide cover from excessive direct sunlight, whilst maintaining dry conditions and essentially remaining cooler than a greenhouse.

Purpose of A Shade House

A shade house can be designed like a greenhouse but will usually have some sort of shade cloth as a cover, instead of the traditional glass or plastic. This cover may come in different colours and is designed to protect your greenhouse plants from too much light, heat or dryness.

In frosty and windy conditions, a shade house will protect your plants from excess exposure to the elements. In hot and dry conditions, retaining soil moisture for your shade-loving plants can be a challenge. Shade cover provided by a shade house will ensure that the soil remains moist for a longer period.

There are a number of plants that are most suited to growing in the shade, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, orchids, ferns, and a number of other flowers, herbs or vegetables.

If grown in regular greenhouses, or hothouses as they are otherwise known, some of these plants will actually suffer damage from too much heat and humidity. Shade houses are used to relocate shade-loving plants after germination, allowing them to grow in more favourable conditions.

When you build a shade house, you are able to protect your plants from too much heat and humidity that the regular greenhouses produce, or from losing too much moisture too quickly out in an open garden bed.

Their greatest usefulness is in providing shade cover, keeping the plants from receiving direct sunlight while helping to retain the soil in a moist condition. Sage Horticultural provide quality shade houses in a wide variety of cover materials, to help you to successfully grow you shade-loving plants.

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