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Themostats for Greenhouses & Glass Houses for Sale Australia

Standard Thermostat with gland and lead is fitted the heating cable on mesh. Suitable for all of these heating cable propagation beds. We also have Propagation Equipment, Thermostats, accurate temperature control, capillary probe style & digital controllers.

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HM PH-80 Meter
HM PH-80 Meter Measures Ph and temperature of solutions, one-tough automaticdigital calibrati..
Thermostat Digital to suit Foil Mats
Digital Thermostats to suit Foil Mats Essential for operating Foil Mat  - selli..
Unboxed Thermostat & Knob- 20AMP
Unboxed Thermostat & Knob- 20AMP Capillary action thermostat used in the Sage Glasshouse ..
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