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Propagation Equipment for Gardening & Greenhouses for Sale Australia

The Best Propagation Equipment in Australia

Ensuring the healthy, fruitful growth of your plants and shrubs does not end at the selection and installation of a greenhouse. While a greenhouse offers the ideal environment to aid growth, as you are aware their maintenance and care does not stop there. Achieving a beautiful bloom requires the use of specific propagation equipment and gardening supplies to aid superior pruning and nourishment.

Why Choose Sage Horticultural for Propagation Equipment?

Luckily Sage Horticultural is not only the go-to supplier for high quality greenhouses and glasshouses – we also provide your complete one-stop shop for gardening supplies online. Having built a solid reputation as the leading store for nursery supplies Brisbane wide and the leading store for nursery supplies Perth wide, we’re proud to offer our great range of products online.

You don’t have to make the trip to your local nursery supplies store, we’ve got everything you need right here. We offer one of the most extensive ranges of nursery supplies Australia wide, all readily available to purchase online including:
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We Stock a Huge Range of Propagation Equipment

Nursery Mats

From foil heated nursery mats to flexible heat mats, we’ve got everything you need to provide adequate bottom heat for your plantings. Our heated foil mats even come with thermostat controls.

Heat Beds

Our fibreglass and timber heat beds are ideal for continuous use in Small Production Nurseries, T.A.F.E. Colleges, Universities, Government Research Facilities, Council Horticultural Departments and by Hobby Gardeners. With thermostat controls, you can choose the precise level of heat for the plants stored on the beds to thrive.

Propagation Trays

Our single and double heated propagation trays are ideal where your need for a concentrated heat source does not extend beyond a couple of small plants. Featuring a carbon plastic element as the heat source, the trays allows you to aid growth by providing temperatures of between 0-40°C, at a running cost lower than half a cent per hour. 

Water Controllers

Ensure a continuous watering cycle for your plants with our electronic water control devices. We stock both the Digisprink 200 and the Sprinklermatic 303 water controllers.

Hydroponic Equipment

We sell a vast array of Hydroponic Equipment including NFT Channel Systems, Hydroponic Growing Kits, Growool Wrapped Slabs, Growool Propagation Blocks, Wrapped Cubes, Automatic Water Valves and much more.

Propagation Gels

Propagation gels ensure faster and greater root growth. We are proud stockists of Australian favourite Progel,  a propagation  gel in which plant growth hormones are dispersed in a gel solution as well as the Clonex Green, Purple and Red Hormone Gels, each containing a unique blend of hormones, anti-fungal agents, vitamins and minerals.

Propagating is great for aspiring gardeners, as well as the experienced, and is also an inexpensive way of adding to your garden. To get started though, you’ll need the proper propagation equipment.

The equipment you need may differ depending on what it is you’re growing, but at Sage Horticultural we’ve got you covered on all fronts when it comes to gardening and horticultural supplies. 

High-Quality Propagation Equipment from Sage Horticultural 

Getting started isn’t as difficult as you might believe and for first timers, a seed propagation kit is worth considering. Our kits contain the essential products you’ll need to get going so that you don’t feel overwhelmed. Otherwise, the main products you’ll need are:

  • Thermometer
  • Plant pot trays
  • Tray covers (to maintain temperature and protect your seedlings)
  • Heated propagation mats

Perhaps you want to go a step further and automate your set up. In which case, you might consider a few extra pieces of equipment too:

  • A water controller
  • Misting jets
  • Fogging (for greenhouses)

Automation isn’t necessary, but for those who want to propagate a lot of plants or flowers, it’ll save you a lot of time while making the entire process more enjoyable.

Hydroponic Propagation Equipment

A hydroponics system can be used to grow plants without planting them in soil. Instead, only the roots of a plant are submerged in water which often has nutrients and other growth-promoting solutions added to it.

When you combine these two different gardening concepts, you get hydroponic propagation, and we’ve got equipment for that too.

  • Hydroponic growing kits
  • NFT Channel systems
  • Gro-Wool wrapped slabs
  • Automatic water valves

As with seed propagation, we also offer hydroponic growing kits so that if this is a new endeavour for you, it’s quick and easy to get started.

Why You Can Trust Our Propagation Equipment

For almost four decades we have supplied various groups, schools, nurseries, and a lot of others with high-quality gardening and horticultural products. There are endless reasons for our customers being so satisfied after every purchase:

  • Our product range isn’t limited to just propagation equipment (from plastic pots and fertiliser all the way to greenhouses – we offer it all)
  • Our reasonable prices make it affordable for anyone to start propagating without costs holding them back
  • All of the equipment you’ll need can be found in our one-stop shop!
  • We only sell high-quality products that meet our standards to ensure your satisfaction
  • Your gardening supplies are conveniently delivered to your doorstep
  • If you’re unhappy with your order, we’ll work with you to arrange an exchange or return

At Sage Horticultural, we are always adding more products to our range, and as such, you can be certain to find exactly what you need for in our store.

Don’t wait any longer; after you decide what propagation supplies you need, add them to your basket, place your order, and it’ll be in your hands within 7 working days.

Got a question? Don’t hesitate to drop us a line on 03 9796 3100 or email us at; we’re always happy to help!

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For the widest range of online gardening supplies Australia wide, trust Sage Horticultural to deliver. From simple garden tools like a garden sieve to more complex equipment like water controllers and propagation beds, we cover your every gardening need.
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Propagation is the creation and growing of new plants from a variety of sources: seedscuttingsbulbs and other plant parts. Sage has all of the plant propagation equipment, bottom heating trays and mats,  seed raising trays with thermostats, misting kits, gels and other products you need for both commercial and domestic use .



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