Shade Cloths for Greenhouse, Plants & Garden for Sale

Shade fabric is used for heat and sun protection and creates a cooler environment for your plants. Variety of applications: fabric greenhouse shading, vegetable garden shade, general shade cloth for home, pergola and garden. Aslo used as shade screen.

Here at Sage Horticultural, we have been in the horticultural and gardening industry for over 35 years and part of our success stems from maintaining a watchful eye on the changing trends and technological advances that improve the ability of our fellow gardeners and crop growers to succeed. Shade cloths and bird netting are an important need for gardeners in Australia.
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Shade Cloth for Greenhouses

Australia poses particular challenges for gardeners. Our climate could be regarded as unforgiving and extreme harsh at times. Sunlight and high temperatures can make the task of growing crops, plants, shrubs and flowers a constant battle that requires a serious investment in order to derive an income. However, shade cloth affords greenhouse owners the chance to achieve daily respite for their plants and simultaneously work wonders in terms of reducing energy costs.

From our family run showroom in Hallam, Victoria, we seek to make the best of premium quality products accessible to you at prices that are highly competitive. What’s more, we are always here to offer our technical advice and expertise, which has been accumulated over the decades by working side-by-side with our customers and identifying the best possible ways to make this passion a joy, rather than a hardship.

What Shade Cloth Does for Your Greenhouse

As a gardener in Australia, you will appreciate that in order to succeed you must find ways to control and, to an extent, become the master of your environment. White shade cloth is one of those simple but highly effective products that enable you to better control the temperature of your greenhouse and create the optimal conditions for your plants to thrive under.

You most likely already know that while it is essential for a greenhouse tunnel to provide a warm climate for your plants to grow in, keeping that temperature at the right level is vital, or things will get dried out and stressed. Greenhouse shade cloth makes this possible by creating a microclimate underneath it that receive plenty of light from the sun, while simultaneously sheltering it from sudden weather changes that could damage or harm the development of your plants.

Best of all, if you have been in the practice of using cooling fans to achieve a cooler greenhouse space, then you stand to slash your energy bills once you install horticultural shade cloth. It is well-known that once the humidity levels increase above 50% your cooling fans effectiveness drops. Shade cloth does not have this problem, and they don’t require electricity to run.

Those that are committed to finding ways to reduce their carbon footprint will appreciate just how beneficial the installation of horticultural shade cloths can be in this regard. Finally, this investment offers you an incredibly adaptable and flexible alternative that you can quickly change should you wish to.

Horticultural Shade Cloth Helping You Achieve More

At Sage Horticultural, we believe that the benefits of a greenhouse in Australia can only be achieved by constant monitoring and adjusting the resources you have at your disposal to provide the optimal conditions to grow. A plastic shade cloth could do wonders for you, particularly if you live in an extremely exposed space that is at the mercy of the elements.

Those that wish to find out more about this or any of the products available to buy in our online store are invited to drop into our Victoria showroom for a chat or to give us a call. At Sage Horticultural, we endeavour to be your one stop shop for all things garden and greenhouse related, and we look forward to helping you achieve more in any way that we can.
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