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Plastic Greenhouses

Everybody has to start at the bottom no matter what hobby you pursue or business venture you start. While your knowledge will set you apart from others, the actual practice of that skill takes time to grow and develop. Those at the beginning of their gardening life, or those that are about to ramp things up, or change things up, might be considering investing in a plastic green house. It is the affordable alternative to glass that also offers a lot more flexibility and benefits that will help your plants, flowers, shrubs and crops thrive.


Horticultural Plastic Greenhouse Covers, Film & Kits

Plastic Green House

At Sage Horticultural, the plastic greenhouse is just one facet of gardening and horticulture that we cater to. Our presence in the Australian marketplace extends back over 35 years, and in that time,  we have carefully grown our own range of products and supplies that afford gardeners of all levels and varieties the tools they need when they need them, and best of all, at prices that won’t break the bank.

Tips That May Make Your Greenhouse More Efficient 

There is a tendency to assume that the original methods are always the best. This perhaps stems from the effect of repeat viewing and the presence of industry standards in the shops and allotments of your local providers and major growers. We are, of course, talking about glass in greenhouses. While this served many growers well for a long time, plastic greenhouse cover has emerged as a brilliant alternative.

Here at Sage Horticultural, we believe that each person will find their own path and will determine exactly what they want to achieve. With plastic, this may be the preferred choice for year-round producers that must realise a number of harvests if they are to profit from their endeavour. Glass may be the tried, tested and trusted choice for others, who have already invested and are committed to working what they have to the best of its potential.

Regardless of whether you have plastic greenhouse covers or glass, there are a few things that you should really try to do to protect the integrity of your endeavour. Cleanliness and order are essential if you want to maximise your time in the greenhouse and reduce the risk of tools or items left in ill-advised places causing damage to the structure, that is, breaking the glass or tearing your horticultural plastic sheeting.

You must be vigilant in terms of the health of your plants. Any that succumb to disease or struggle to grow or fall prey to insects should be discarded as quickly as possible to prevent the problem from spreading. What’s more, brushing up on your core knowledge will ensure that you take appropriate measures to get the best out of your greenhouse and give your plants the best chance to develop to their fullest.

Experience is everything. Start small and with the plants that are easiest to grow before you advance to the more difficult plants and if you have friends that are struggling to maintain their plants, think twice before you accept any plants that are sick into your carefully maintained space.

Plastic Greenhouse Kits

At Sage Horticultural, our plastic greenhouse kits are the ideal choice for those that wish to step their gardening efforts up and acquire a solution that does not require the expert help of a tradie to put in place. Rest assured, that if you are uncertain about what you can achieve or are unsure about any aspect of the gardening and horticultural world, you can always get in touch with us and we will do out best to set you on the right path.

So, embrace that compulsion you feel to get your fingers green and let the team here at Sage Horticultural supply you with plastic greenhouse film and anything else you need today. 

Buy Your Greenhouse Cover Plastic from Sage Horticultural

At Sage Horticultural we are market leaders when it comes to the manufacturing and supply of the products that help you to maintain a healthy and beautiful garden. One of the most popular items that we sell is greenhouse plastic covering, given that it helps our customers to maintain a functional and effective greenhouse.

The greenhouse is an amazing tool in your arsenal, helping you to grow a range of unique food products that can keep you and your family happily fed for many months! We want you to have the best greenhouse possible and that’s why we offer the very best products.

To help you better understand why you should shop with us, we have put together this closer look into who we are and why when it comes to your greenhouse covers plastic is the best material.

The Best Supply Chain

Over the years we have cultivated a huge range of high-quality products that you can trust to get you the results that you need. Our greenhouse products are of impeccable quality and help you to really ensure that your garden looks great and produces beautiful crops.

We source these products from responsible and high-quality retailers who we have close ties to. We have vetted all of them for quality and we trust in their products. These close ties also mean that we get preferable rates, and we pass those savings along to our customers when possible. This applies on all of our products, and when it comes to greenhouse covers plastic materials are unbeatable!

Over 35 Years of Experience

We are a family operation, and we have over 35 years of experience. In this time, we have not only polished our supply chain, but we have built close ties with horticultural enthusiasts across Australia. Our warm and family-friendly approach has helped us to stick around for so long, so you can be confident that we will offer you the very best that we can!

If you have any questions about our products or horticulture, it will be our pleasure to answer your questions and help you to cultivate a garden that you can be proud of.

Countless Happy Customers

Our products have pleased customers all across Australia. Whether you’re a commercial grower, retail nursery, school, community group or a home grower you can be sure that we have what you need. You can find a lot of reviews online which will give you a better idea of what we can offer you and what your experience will be like with us.

As a family business, we value our customers and the personal relationships that we build with them. We believe that this is an important part of any business, and we look forward to continuing to grow new relationships with customers across Australia.

Contact Us Today

If you are ready to kit out your greenhouse or purchase another essential item for your garden, be sure to get in touch with us today. It will be our pleasure to answer any questions you might have and get you the very best products possible!

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