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Mini Glasshouse

Greenhouse structures are commonly made of glass or polyethlene plastic film. The choice of these materials is based on the fact that light and solar radiation has to be able to penetrate, to create a heated environment in which the hot air is trapped, and thus creating a hothouse. With sufficient light and moisture, this makes them an ideal environment for plants to grow in.


Mini Glasshouse For Sale

What is a Mini Glasshouse?

Besides creating ideal temperatures, greenhouses protect the plants from wind, rain, animals and other pests. A mini glasshouse is a form of greenhouse that is a popular choice in places where there is limited space.

The first greenhouses invented were made of glass. The term greenhouse is thus synonymous with glasshouses. Mini glasshouses can be expensive to build in comparison to a hoop house, but they last longer and suffer far less wear and tear, making them a smarter investment over the longer term.

A Smart Investment

Made of toughened glazed glass, they are a favoured choice for home garden lovers who enjoy gardening as a hobby. They make for vegetable and herb rooftop gardens, office gardens, and most places where there is a limitation on space.

Mini glasshouses are not limited to small structures for home or private use only. Large and commercial glasshouses are also available, though not widely used due to the high installation costs.

A mini glasshouse is categorised as a greenhouse, albeit a smaller one, and are best for growing your seeds and out-of-season plant growing. These are then often moved to shadehouses, or transplanted in the right season, in garden beds.

Mini glasshouses can trap a lot of heat and need to be monitored and cared for a little more than a normal sized greenhouse. To care for your mini glasshouse especially if it is outdoors, carefully monitor humidity levels as this can lead to problems such as fungal disease which will, in turn, rot the roots.

Due limited space, shelf units within the glasshouse should be carefully placed, to keep from shading seedlings and plants, which would hamper their growth. Being able to see your plants from the outside as they grow. makes them a very attractive addition to any garden, and gives it added aesthetic value.

Toughened Glass

When opting for a mini glasshouse, one of the greatest concerns will most likely be the question of the safety and durability of a glass minihouse. At Sage Horticultural we stock mini glasshouses for plants, made from toughened, double glazed glass.

This is the same glass that is used on double glazed windows, and vehicle side windows. Toughened to withstand a lot of pressure, the 4mm safety glass can withstand extreme weather conditions such as heavy snow loads or high winds, and as it does shatter upon breaking, the pieces will not be sharp.   

Supported by sold frames, this makes them one of the most durable forms of greenhouses available today. In addition, they allow maximum light to penetrate, making them not only a durable structure but one which allows for ideal growing conditions. 

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