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Hot Houses

At Sage Horticultural, we are among the market leaders in the manufacture and supply of high-quality hot houses that are designed to make gardening and horticultural endeavours that bit more productive and efficient. For over 35 years we have been the go-to source for commercial wholesale growers, retail nurseries, home gardeners, community groups, government departments, hobbyists as well as schools.

Hot Houses for Sale in Australia

We live in a world that is used to being able to find what it needs almost anytime it needs it. Consumers expect that they can source the fruit, veg and flowers that they want when they want them, and this often stems from the possibilities that hot houses offer Australia and its growers. Once at the mercy of the seasons, achieving yields all year round is a distinct reality for the most part for those that have the means to invest in the appropriate equipment and products to make it so.

As such, you can depend on us to deliver a level of service that is a cut above our competitors and back it up with the kind of advice, insight and knowledge that has been carefully accumulated since our inception. Based in Hallam, in the suburbs of Melbourne, our showroom is open from 8:30 AM to 5 PM, Monday to Friday, and it is from here that we send out the best of hot house products across Australia.

Hot Houses Plastic - Help You Gain Market Share

If you are looking for a hot house for sale then rest assured that you have come to the right place. The likelihood is that you need to increase the temperature in order to grow tropical plants that need that little bit more than your average crops.

Naturally, you will be undertaking a more complex set up in your greenhouse to achieve this, but the good news is that with the benefit of technology you can better control the conditions and get exactly the kind of growth-climate you need.

Hot houses in Australia deliver exceptional greenhouse conditions and afford the luxury of increasing the range of goods you can produce. Best of all, you have the possibility of pursuing your endeavour throughout the year and don’t have to worry about being at the mercy of the prevailing weather and climate conditions.

Having the ability to produce over twelve months can afford distinct advantages over competitors, and this can lead to preferential consideration from buyers who may be more inclined to choose your goods over any others, given your consistent and dependable output. One advantage of efficiency can, therefore, make all the difference in determining market share.

Hot houses must, of course, be fastidiously maintained to yield the best results. Your management of their care and scheduling of regular inspections will achieve this and will also prevent the presence or spread of disease, and will ensure that pests do not compromise the integrity of your crop.

Hot Houses in Australia - Deliver the Goods When Your Customers Want Them

At Sage Horticultural, our online store makes it very easy for you to browse, find and purchase the products that you need with minimal hassle. We are committed to providing a safe and secure platform from which those across Australia can access the best of goods to help grow their gardens and achieve the most from their investments.

So, if you are looking for hot houses for kits or if you are in need of some technical advice, feel free to drop into our showroom, or get in touch with us over the phone. At Sage Horticultural, we look forward to assisting you where possible and helping you deliver the goods as and when your customers want them.

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