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Greenhouse Sales

We supply a complete suite of the finest greenhouses for all varieties of gardens and growing environments. Our clients span a broad scope of domestic, commercial and industrial growers, educational and governmental bodies as well as parks, reserves and botanic gardens.

Successful yearly growth and long-term sustainability of produce can be directly linked to good plant care and controlled growing conditions. We believe that the quality of produce is directly linked to the quality of materials and growing environment. Even a small compromise in any horticultural operation can lead to substandard produce. That is why we select only the highest grade greenhouses to ensure excellent results


Greenhouse Sales

The Types Of Greenhouses For Sale

Our extensive range of top-quality greenhouses is guaranteed to meet your gardening needs. Our products include:

  • Mini houses
  • Hothouses
  • Shade houses
  • Polytunnels
  • Polycarbonate greenhouses
  • Glasshouses
  • Lean-to greenhouses

What Else You Can Find In Our Greenhouse Sales

We also stock a wide array of greenhouse equipment and accessories such as:

  • Fertilisers, soil conditioners and dosing equipment
  • Irrigation and water conservation equipment
  • Heated propagation boxes and trays
  • Barrows and trolleys
  • Horticultural films, shades, covers and materials
  • Added greenhouse ventilation and doors for full customisation

We offer expert technical advice alongside our extensive product range. We are eager to answer customer queries and advise on the best materials and products to suit their specific setup. We also offer services such as specialised fertiliser formulations, leaf and soil analysis as well as equipment servicing and repairs.

We have 35 years in the gardening and cultivation industry with a proven track record. Our dedication to gardening and our technical expertise in horticulture has seen Sage Horticultural thrive decade on decade. We are passionate about what we do, and that passion comes through in our excellent customer service that has kept our customers coming back time and again.

Our greenhouses are competitively priced to ensure that you get the best quality product at an affordable price. We ship to almost anywhere in Australia and even further afield like Singapore and Christmas Island. We are happy to arrange delivery to customers regardless of their location. We also operate a reduce cost returns policy, should you need to avail of it, to make the process as easy and expense free for customers as possible.

Sage Horticultural Has Your Garden Covered

If you’re looking for the best greenhouses for sale, then rest assured, Sage Horticultural has you covered with everything you need to find the right house for your specific requirements. We’re always happy to help new customers who are thinking of cultivating something for the first time and guide them through the incredibly rewarding gardening process. Likewise, we relish the opportunity to meet the demands of larger commercial and industrial operating needs of our clients.

So regardless of the size of your garden or where you’re located, give Sage Horticultural a call or contact us online and learn how we can help your garden or grow area flourish.

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Polytunnel Kit 2.80M x 3.0M Shadescreen to suit
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4.2M / 4.9M Polytunnel Kits also known as Hoophouse/Igloos/Hothouses/Greenhouses Specificatio..
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