Top must-have greenhouse tools & accessories

The whole meaning of having a Greenhouse is to become efficient with overall experience from utilising the space to expecting high growth and you can’t achieve this without proper planning and execution.

While planning, it’s important to ensure some of the must-have items to run your greenhouse smoothly.

We have listed them down for you so that you can plan, assess and buy as per your needs.

Greenhouse shelves

Greenhouse shelves are vital for maximising the vertical space in your greenhouse. They allow you to organise plants, tools, and supplies efficiently, ensuring that you make the most of the available area.

Greenhouse Shelving

Shelves come in various materials, including metal and wood, and can be adjustable to accommodate different plant sizes. Investing in sturdy, well-designed shelves will help you keep your greenhouse tidy and improve the accessibility of your plants and tools.

Greenhouse Potting Benches

A greenhouse potting bench provides a dedicated space for potting, transplanting, and other plant care tasks. These benches typically feature a work surface, storage for tools and pots, and sometimes even built-in sinks for easy watering.

A good potting bench helps you stay organised and comfortable while working, making it easier to maintain your plants and reduce the risk of mess and clutter in your greenhouse.

Greenhouse Trolleys

Greenhouse trolleys are essential for transporting plants, soil, and other supplies within your greenhouse. These mobile units allow you to move heavy or numerous items with ease, reducing physical strain and saving time.

Two Wheel Nursery Factory Warehouse Trolley Heavy Duty 4ft x 2ft

Trolleys come in various sizes and designs, some with multiple tiers or specialised features like water trays. A sturdy, versatile trolley can greatly enhance your greenhouse efficiency by simplifying the process of moving materials around.

Heat mats and seedling trays

Heat mats and seedling trays are crucial for starting seeds and ensuring strong, healthy growth. Heat mats provide consistent warmth to the soil, which is essential for germination, especially in colder months.

Propagation Heat Mat With Thermostat

Seedling trays help you organise and manage young plants, making it easier to water and monitor their progress. Together, these tools create an ideal environment for seed starting, leading to higher germination rates and more robust seedlings.

Pots and Containers

Having a variety of pots and containers is essential for accommodating different plant sizes and growth stages. From small seedling pots to larger containers for mature plants, having the right pot for each stage of growth ensures that your plants have the space they need to develop strong roots.

plastic pot 100mm

Durable, high-quality plastic pots and containers also help you manage your watering and feeding schedules more effectively.

Shade Cloths

Shade cloths are used to protect plants from excessive sunlight and heat. They come in different densities, which provide varying levels of shade depending on your plants’ needs.

By using shade cloths, you can prevent sunburn and overheating, ensuring that your plants receive the right amount of light for optimal growth. This is particularly important in regions with intense sun or during peak summer months.

Frost Cloths

Frost cloths are essential for protecting your plants from cold temperatures and frost damage. These cloths are typically made from lightweight, breathable fabric that provides insulation without restricting airflow.

Frost Protection Fabric For Plants

Using frost cloths during cold spells can help you maintain a stable environment within your greenhouse, ensuring that your plants remain healthy and productive even in harsh weather conditions.

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Having the right tools and accessories in your greenhouse can make a significant difference in your gardening success.

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