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Progel 1 Litre

Progel 1 Litre
Product Code: 1-3P-GEL3

PRO GEL is a high performance cloning and propagation gel.

Eliminate the need for different grades of gel, use only one grade for both hardwood and softwood cuttings.

Pro Gel can also be used to break the dormancy of seeds and bulbs.*

When used during grafting, Pro Gel helps improve the development of the graft.

PROGEL is a propagation gel containing the hormones IAA and NAA to promote root growth in both softwood and hardwood cuttings or cloning.

The advantage of using a gel over the use of conventional hormone powders is the hormones are evenly distributed through the mix. Hormone powders can be compared to a tablespoon of salt in a truckload of sand... it is difficult to mix properly.

The gel stays with the base of the cutting keeping it moist and protected from fungal diseases.

  • contains plant growth hormones
  • speeds up the formation of calluses on the cutting
  • induces rapid root initiation and development
  • induces new leaf development
  • stays firmly coated to the cutting or clones, and is not washed away easily during watering.
  • has fungicidal activity to protect the cutting against damping off.

*Dilute 2 ml Pro Gel per litre of clean water and dip bulbs/seeds into dilution.

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