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Digisprink 2000

Digisprink 2000
Product Code: 1-1G-DS2

The Digisprink 2000 with the Sage ( 24 Volt transformer, 1-1D-TR45 trans. supplied seperately ) is used to switch a 24V quick action solenoid  valve for the water delivery to your growing house / propagation benches and has the ability to deliver the following cycles after being programmed;

Day Cycle:

Can deliver anywhere between 2 and 20 seconds of water delivery with intervals set between 1 and 20 minutes apart.

Night Cycle:

Can deliver 2 and 20 seconds of water delivery with intervals set between 20 and 200 minutes apart.

The Digisprink 2000 can also be programed to run in either the day cycle or night cycle exclusively, 24 hours a day to suit your watering demands.

The Digisprink 2000 is powered by the Sage 40VA 24V Transformer, which connects directly into any standard 240v 10amp power point for operation. The unit also has the capability to accept return readings from either a humidistat or a thermostat which can be wired directly into the series, to further control your optimum watering cycle.

Sage Horticultural recommends that the Digisprink 2000 be installed in a dry position inside the house and that any additional water protection methods be taken to protect the controller i.e. overhead cowling, canopy, dedicated enclosure etc.

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