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Sprinklermatic - Replacement Carbon Block Sensor Only

Sprinklermatic - Replacement Carbon Block Sensor Only
Product Code: 1-1G-CBS

Sprinklermatic - Replacement Carbon Block Sensor Only

Further details about theSprinklermatic 303

The Sprinklermatic 303 sensor block incorporates carbon rods to read the moisture level on its surface, to report back to the main box and advise if a watering cycle is required or not. In simple terms, the sensor can detect how much moisture is present on its surface from the current flow registered between the two pins on its surface.

There are some factors that can influence the reading provided by the sensor; including general dirt/dust build up, dropping of the sensor onto the ground or having plant soil or mediums sit on the face etc. But the most common cause of a deferred reading is from experiencing a build up of salinity residue on the surface, after moisture has evaporated. 

To ensure that your sensor is reporting the most accurate reading back to the Sprinklermatic control box, you must plan to clean off the sensor face on a weekly basis with a light wet and dry sand paper to freshen the sensor pins and surface of any build up.

When you purchase a new unit from us, you will find that we have supplied a sheet of fine wet and dry paper for you to be able to clean the surface of your sensor for the first time.

To refresh the face you will need to find a flat surface to rest the wet and dry paper on, such as a bench top or concrete floor, with the rough side facing up. You then need to add a few drops of water to the wet and dry paper (no more than 5-10ml), to act as a lubricant. Then, you will need to place the sensor face flat down onto the wet and dry paper and move it in a consistant circular motion around 20-30 times, to lightly clean the surface of any build up.

A quick visual inspection will show if you have refreshed the whole face of the carbon rods thoroughly, or if more abrasion is required. Once satisfied that the surface has been refreshed, you will need to clean the moisture and residue from the surface with a soft tissue or clean rag. We advise on not using you hands or used rag, as this may contain oils or contaminant that may alter the readings. Once clean, you can plug the sensor back into the Sprinklermatic 303 and have it operational again.

The life span for a Sprinklermatic sensor is usually 5 years before it will need to be replaced. Please contact Sage Horticultural for the purchase of a replacement sensor unit to suit your Sprinklermatic.


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