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Thermometers & Gauges for Propagation for Sale Online Australia

Junghams -DIGITAL INDOOR/OUTDOOR THERMOMETER- Measures the temperature inside the house as well as the outdoor temperature simultaneously. We sell Thermometers & Gauges, PH Meter Probe, Twin Dial Combination Humidity & Thermometer, Min/Max, Digital, Propagator, Soil Thermometer, pH, EC/TDS Waterproof meter, Scan 2 meter, Calibration Solutions and more.

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Combination Moist/Light/ pH
The Ph/Moisture/Light Meter checks Ph, moisture and light. Measuring Ph (acidity-alkalinity) will..
Dial Face Thermometer
Dial Face Thermometer - used for propagation purposes. Check the soil temperature. Use direc..
Digital Thermometer
Junghams -DIGITAL INDOOR/OUTDOOR THERMOMETER- Measures the temperature inside the house as we..
HM TDS EC Meter GT031
EC Meter - Water Quality Tester TDS Meter Use For Testing: Drinking Water, Water Filter Check..
Humidistat SPDT 10-90%
For low or line voltage. SPDT contact action provides control of humidifying or dehumidifying e..
LCD Multi Thermometer
LCD Multi Thermometer. Digital Thermometer with 98mm Stainless Steel Probe. On Flexible W..
Min/Max Thermometer
MAX-MIN THERMOMETER Mercury filled press button style Maximum-Minimum Thermometer. Records ..
PH Meter Probe - Budget
PH Meter Probe Tests the acidity of soil & compost No batteries required ..
Propagator Thermometer
The  Propagation Thermometer is used to check soil temperatures. Use it directly into soil, ..
A waterproof tester that offers high accuracy pH, EC and TDS and temperature measurements in a si..
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