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Thermometers & Gauges for Propagation for Sale Online Australia

Junghams -DIGITAL INDOOR/OUTDOOR THERMOMETER- Measures the temperature inside the house as well as the outdoor temperature simultaneously. We sell Thermometers & Gauges, PH Meter Probe, Twin Dial Combination Humidity & Thermometer, Min/Max, Digital, Propagator, Soil Thermometer, pH, EC/TDS Waterproof meter, Scan 2 meter, Calibration Solutions and more.

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Dial Face Thermometer
Dial Face Thermometer - used for propagation purposes. Check the soil temperature. Use direc..
HM TDS EC Meter GT031
EC Meter - Water Quality Tester TDS Meter Use For Testing: Drinking Water, Water Filter Check..
Min/Max Thermometer
MAX-MIN THERMOMETER Mercury filled press button style Maximum-Minimum Thermometer. Records ..
Multi-Parameter Tester Kit PC60
Multi-Parameter Tester Kit PC60 with solutions. Simultaneously test for pH, EC, TDS, Salinity and..
PH Meter Probe - Budget
PH Meter Probe Tests the acidity of soil & compost No batteries required ..
Propagator Thermometer
The  Propagation Thermometer is used to check soil temperatures. Use it directly into soil, ..
A waterproof tester that offers high accuracy pH, EC and TDS and temperature measurements in a si..
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