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Kwik Pot insert - 48 cell

Kwik Pot insert - 48 cell
Product Code: AB 1-P-SP48

The 48 cell Kwik Pot Cell Tray in blown molded with a durable plastic designed to house 48 individual seeds or seedlings for the purpose of propagation.

Tray Dimensions: 290mm x 350mm

Cell Dimensions: 35mm L x 40mm W x 50mm D

The size of the 48 cell Kwik Pot Cell Tray is compatible with the Grow Top Lid, Seedling Punnet Tray and Drip Tray. These components can be used in conjunction with our Heated Propagation Trays to provide you with a full propagating solution for your plants.

The cells are designed to assist with the ease of removing your established plants from the tray for the purpose of transplanting to another pot or for final planting.

These components are the same as we sell to the commercial growers and are not a cheaper copy. The 48 cell Kwik Pot Cell Tray is designed to be used many times and is suitable to be cleaned with all general nursery sanitizers.

Our trays can be used with Sage Horticultural Propagation, Seed Raising and Potting Mix mediums.

Carton quantity of 110 pieces available.

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