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Growing Kit - Basic Combination 2 Kits

Growing Kit - Basic Combination 2 Kits
Growing Kit - Basic Combination 2 Kits
Product Code: AB 1-6CBK2

Each kit contains the following items;

2 x Grow Top Lid

2 x Seedling Punnet Tray

2 x Kwik Pot 48 cell tray

This combination kit will provide you with enough equipment to begin propagating your own plants within a dedicated growing environment. By providing the Basic Combination Kit with 8 hours of sun a day, and regular watering and monitoring will have you seed raising or propagating in no time at all.

You can choose to mix and match your growing combination to best suit your favorite species. A great educational tool for young gardeners, or in the classroom, these kits can be used over and over again to achieve great growing results.

You can choose to add Sage Propagation Mix, Sage Seed Raising Mix or Sage Potting Mix to your cell trays to give your stock the best conditions and increase your success rate of production. The Sage growing mediums offer your plants essential trace elements to enhance their growth during the early satges.

You can also incorporate the Basic Combination Kit with a Heated Propagator to provide the optimum combination of bottom heat and micro climate to stand your seedlings and/or strike your cuttings.

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