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Grow Top Lid With Vent - 360mm x 300mm x 135mm high

Grow Top Lid With Vent - 360mm x 300mm x 135mm high
Product Code: AB 1-P-SP10

The Sage Horticultural Grow Top Lid will allow you to propagate your seeds and cuttings in a controlled environment.

Used in conjunction with a Drip Tray, you can seal and trap the heat of the sun inside the two components to propagate and raise your seeds and seedlings. Made from a clear sturdy plastic, it allows you to see into the plants without having to remove the lid to check their progress.

Working like a mini greenhouse, the Grow Top Lid allows you to vent out any air if you feel the conditions are too warm for your crop. On the extra hot days, you can remove the lid completely and then return it over the top of your plants and capture the extra heat late in the afternoon.

These grow top lids are the same we supply to commercial growers and are designed to be used many times over to provide you with excellent growing results.

These Grow Top Lids can also be combined with our Heated Propagation Trays to provide consistent bottom heat and growing conditions for your plants.

The Grow Top Lid measures 360mm x 300mm x 135mm high

We also supply them as part of our Combination Growing Kit range.


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