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Propagation Bed Timber Tray With Bottom Heating, Misting & Enclosure

Propagation Bed Timber Tray With Bottom Heating, Misting & Enclosure
Propagation Bed Timber Tray With Bottom Heating, Misting & Enclosure
Product Code: AB 1-1F-TPHME

The propagation bed is manufactured to provide a bottom heat source and control the watering cycle for your plants, allowing you to control the exact environment that is optimum for your chosen species and their development.

1850 mm x 890 mm

The propagation bed is manufactured from treated pine, making it sturdy and resilient to warping, moisture rot and pest damage. There is a layer of white spun polypropylene on the base of the propagation bed to assist with retaining the chosen medium such as sand, coco peat etc. from escaping through gaps between the planks placed on the underside of the unit.

On top of the polypropylene is the heating cable clipped to mesh. The cable is spaced specifically according to the size of the bed to provide an even heat source to all the plants that are placed in the bed. The mesh is used to assist with the heat exchange from the cable to the medium, to ensure the heat radiation is spread evenly across the bed. Also clipped to the mesh is the thermostat temperature sensor that enables the thermostat to operate according to the setting position on the thermostat dial.

On the outside of the treated pine bed is the thermostat control for the heated cable. Extending out from the thermostat is a lead and 240VAC plug. This plug should be plugged directly into a power supply socket or a short extension lead to reach the desired power source. You will also find a plumbed Solenoid Valve feeding the two Mist Jets on 500mm high, 15mm diameter P.V.C. risers that requires access to mains water for supply to the watering system.

Placed inside the bed is a Balance Arm Sensor Unit, that works in conjunction with the raised mist jets to control the watering cycle based on the environmental conditions surrounding your plants. This sensor can be adjusted to provide water to your crop to suit their needs and once set, will require minimal adjustment to maintain moisture. 

Over the top of the bed is a fitted Solarpro plastic cover, adapted to capture the environmental conditions inside the bed and keep the surrounds around your crop consistent underneath. The canopy is an excellent addition to the propagation bed for growers who do not have a dedicated enclosed growing area. It achieves simulated greenhouse growing condiutions.

These propagation beds are used continuously in Small Production Nurseries, T.A.F.E. Colleges, Universities, Government Research Facilities, Council Horticultural Departments and by Hobby Gardeners.

Propagation Bed with Bottom Heat and Misting

Propagation Bed with Bottom Heating only

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