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Heating Cable On Mesh 2m x 915mm with thermostat

Heating Cable On Mesh 2m x 915mm with thermostat
Heating Cable On Mesh 2m x 915mm with thermostat
Product Code: AB 1-1F-HM2

Sage Horticultural manufacture and assemble propagation heating cables & thermostats in a range of sizes from 1.5m2 up to 15m2. They can be configured in widths of 900mm to 1200mm, and made up in various lengths from 2 metres through to 12 metres long.

Double insulated and (earthed) 240 Volt cable is connected through a capillary action thermostat for temperature control (0-40 degree +/-1.5 degree) and then clipped onto a light weight galvanized mesh. The mesh suspends the cable and acts as a heat exchange for the cable as it heats the galvanized mesh when the thermostat switches on, creating heat transfer through the propagation bed to the base of the root zone of your cuttings and /or germinating seed.

For smaller size cables such as a 900mm deep x 2 metre long cable on mesh, Sage Horticultural can provide a timber frame and base.

Sage Horticultural also manufacture complete propagating beds inclusive of misting or fogging. We can supply the bed open, or with a canopy to further control your plants environment.

All heating cables come with a thermostat gland and lead to operate, which is included in this price.

Also available in 1.2 metre wide. Contact our sales team for pricing.


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