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Heated Propagation Tray Double With Thermostat 670mm x 400mm

Heated Propagation Tray Double With Thermostat 670mm x 400mm
Product Code: 1-1A-TP40

The Double Heated Propagation Tray allows you to control your growing conditions, promoting faster and healthier growth and the opportunity to raise exotic plants, flowers, vegetables, herbs and cacti all year round.

Featuring a carbon plastic element to provide the heat source inside of the molded tray, the technology allows you to provide a temperature between 0-40°C, at a running cost lower than half a cent per hour. You can further reduce your running costs by combining the Double Heated Propagation Tray with a power point timer. The timer will allow you to extend the heat for your plants in the cooler months, whilst also having the ability to control the heat source to a minimum in the warmer months. The Double Heated Propagation Tray also features its own dedicated thermostat that will cycle on and off as the desired temperature is reached in conjunction with the environment it is housed, or by itself.

Additional components can be added to the Double Heated Propagation Tray to assist with your plants development. You can choose to house your plants directly on the tray through the means of pots or trays. You may wish to include other products such as drip trays, seedling punnet trays, kwik pot trays and grow to lids to assist with water retention and environmental control.

The Double Heated Propagation Tray uses a capillary mat inside the dedicated tray for the purpose of ensuring the heat is evenly distributed from the element molded into the tray, though heat radiation though the damp mat material. Evening of the heat source ensures that each of the plants receives an equal amount of the supply and that the crop develops evenly throughout the propagation process. It is important that the capillary mat remains moist at all times, as it also uses the heat radiation of the mat to report back to the thermometer for its temperature control. In the event of the mat drying out, the unit could be subject to overheating and failure.

Depending on how you house your plants on the tray, you may find that some water may egress from the mat to your plants through a capillary action. Sage Horticultural does not recommend this to be the only watering method for your plants and suggests that top watering should be conducted during the propagation stage.

Ideally, the propagator should be located in a sheltered draft free spot close to good natural light, but not in direct sunlight that could burn the plants. The propagator should not be used in the open where it could be subject to rain or abnormal temperature and weather conditions.

If you feel that the Double Propagation Tray is too small for your propagation and you would like a different sized unit , please consider the following options;

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Please feel free to contact our friendly sales staff for any further details on what is listed above, or for any other of our items.

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