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Turface MVP

Turface MVP
Turface MVP
Product Code: 1-TURFACE-40L


Turface MVP is used as a component for Succulent, Bonsai and Orchid mixes and it makes an excellent filler, retains water well, good particle size , and is light. 

Widely used by cactus growers, orchid clubs and bonsai specialists.

It is a calcined, non-swelling illite clay with 60% minimum amorphous silica.

The high absorption rates of Turface MVP, it’s high porosity levels, resistance to compaction, non-swelling and great longevity has proven the matter to be an excellent addition to growing mediums, or even as a stand alone product for many horticultural growing applications. Processed in a rotary kiln at 1300°+F and particle screened, Turface MVP is ready to use straight out of the bag.

Other additions to growing mixes are: vermiculite, perlite and Sage Potting Mix. We also stock excellent watrering equipment including  Dramm Watering wands for fine spray and rainshower heads suitable for delicate plants. 

Available for pick up from us in Hallam, Victoria.

Please call (03 9796-3100) or email us ( if you have any queries or if you need any further information.

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