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Coco Peat Compressed Block - Medium

Coco Peat Compressed Block - Medium
Product Code: 1-S-CM

Coco Peat (also known as Coir Peat) is a by-product after the extraction of the coir fibre from the coconut husk. It is a pure natural organic biodegradable matter. It is also an eco-friendly growing medium, ideally used as a Soil Reconditioner, Soil Structure Improvers & Soil Substrate.

When mixed in with the soil base, the Coco Peat will open up the medium and allow for air to access the rooting areas of your plants. Aeration will also allow the gasses generated at the root system to expel more quickly from the soil and let your plants develop more quickly under the correct conditions.

The block comes supplied as a compressed cube. To uncompress the cube, you need to add it to a large bucket of water in handful pieces at a time to allow the medium to uncompress.

Once fully uncompressed, one cube will equal approximately 60L of Coco Peat material.

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