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Heated Foil Mat 8m x 1m (With Thermostat)

Heated Foil Mat 8m x 1m (With Thermostat)
Product Code: 1-1FM8

A flexible bottom heating propagation mat using a commercial grade aluminium foil that encases a 240 volt heating element. This heating element is controlled by a capillary action thermostat with dial control that regulates the heat output. A temperature setting of between 20 degrees C. and 25 degrees C is ideal for most seed raising and propagation of cuttings.

Benefits of using the foil heating mat:

  • Simple to use, roll out and plug in
  • Fully portable - roll up and store away while not in use
  • Vigorous root development for cuttings and potted plants
  • Low operating cost
  • High success seed germination
  • Easy to keep clean for maintaining optimum hygiene

This Foil Heated Mat runs off 240V 10amp power and can be plugged straight into your power point and be ready for use. The Foil Heated Mat includes a thermostat to regulate the power and allow the mat's temperature to be controlled by the operator.

Emitting radiant heat from the concealed heating cable, the Foil Heated Mat allows for operation on an existing bench, in a shallow propagation bed or to replace a heating cable system from an existing propagation bed.

The Foil Heated Mat's temperature can be accurately set using the dial control on the thermostat. This temperature can be set from 0-40ºC, where the thermometer will detect and cycle the Foil Heating Mat to deliver heat when required and cut out once the desired temperature is reached.

We recommend when using a Foil Heated Mat that you incorporate a foil insulated polystyrene board placed underneath to reflect the heat generated to the base of the plants.

We also suggest that to extend the longevity of the Foil Heated Mat, that a plastic covering be placed over the top of the mat, such as Solarpro, to protect the foil outer coating from any accidental damage from dragging grit between the pot and the foil mat.


The bottom heating foil mat can be used in a greenhouse or in an outdoor sheltered area out of direct wind. It is best to have it up off the ground, ideally on a bench at appropriate working height. Between the bench top and the foil mat a layer of insulation such as polystyrene board (foil board), is advisable to assist in reduction of heat loss and electrical running costs.

Once you have your heating foil mat in place, keeping in mind you will want to be within easy access to a 240 Volt 10 amp power point, it will be advisable to install a layer of heavy duty black plastic over the foil mat. Your seed and or cutting trays can sit directly on top of this plastic where the heat from the foil mat will easily warm the base of your growing trays; the plastic will also help protect the foil mat from excess irrigation moisture as run off from the growing trays.

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