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Flexible single heat mat - no thermostat 275mm x 330mm

Flexible single heat mat - no thermostat 275mm x 330mm
Product Code: 1-1A-RZ1

The dimensions of the Single Flexible Heat Mat is 340mm x 280mm and it operates without a thermostat, It has a maximum watt density built into the design heating the base of the seedlings a consistent 12.5ºC above the available ambient temperature.

Set the heat mat up on a table in a well lit area so your seedlings or cuttings can take advantage of the warmth from sunlight through a nearby window out of direct breeze or draughts.You can choose to operate the flexible heat mat in conjunction with a plug in timer so it operates to give a collective 8 hours of warming during the early morning and late afternoon. This will provide your plants with additional bottom heat at the start and end of the day to lengthen the growing time. In the summer you may need to find a cooler location for your flexible heat mat and in most cases you can pack it away and bring it out in the following Autumn / Winter.

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