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Balance Arm Sensor - Complete Kit

Balance Arm Sensor - Complete Kit
Product Code: 1-1C-BA4

The Balance Arm Sensor - Complete Kit provides you with the components for a fully functioning mist watering system for your plants. You can use this kit to water anything from seeds and seedlings to larger cuttings and smaller plants, to specifically control the moisture environment to meet your chosen species exact needs.

Components for the Balance Arm Sensor - Complete Kit system:

  • Balance Arm Sensor Unit only
  • Plug Board only
  • 40VA x 24Volt Transformer only
  • 1/4" Solenoid Valve and fittings only

These components, when linked together, will provide you with a dedicated mist watering system.

The Sage Horticultural Balance Arm Sensor - Complete Kit works on the principle of detecting the evaporation level from your plants and delivering a watering method controlled by the operator to suit the species and conditions. The sensor works by detecting the moisture as it evaporates off the mesh leaf and the arm tips upwards as it lightens in weight. At a pre-set position a signal is sent from the sensor and it switches to the like of a controller or solenoid valve, allowing water to flow to the mist nozzles. When the watering system is running and the mist collects on the Balance Arm leaf, the weight of water tips the arm down to a preset position and so turns off the solenoid valve.

When set correctly, the Balance Arm Sensor- Complete Kit can run perpetually and require minimum supervision to operate. The Balance Arm Sensor - Complete Kit can be used with any existing water delivery system controlled by a solenoid

Line strainer/ mist jets and PVC pipe are not included, but available from Sage Horticultural. Please contact us for more details.




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