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Balance Arm Sensor - Replacement Sensor Unit only

Balance Arm Sensor  - Replacement Sensor Unit only
Product Code: 1-1C-BA1

The Sage Horticultural Balance Arm Sensor - Replacement Sensor Unit only is a part of the Balance Arm Sensor- Complete Kit. It works on the principle of detecting & measuring the evaporation level from your plants and delivering a fine mist to your propagation bed. The sensor works by detecting the moisture as it evaporates off the stainless steel gauze at the end of the arm.  The arm is counter weighted & tips upwards as it lightens in weight due to evaporation. At a pre-set position a micro switch is activated and  switches a  24 Volt solenoid valve, allowing water to flow to the mist nozzles. When watering system is running and the mist collects on the Balance Arm leaf, the weight of water tips the arm down to a preset position and turns off the solenoid valve.

When set correctly, the Balance Arm Sensor - Complete Kit can run perpetually and require minimum supervision to operate. The Balance Arm Sensor -Complete Kit can be used with any existing water delivery system controlled by a solenoid, or it can be used in conjunction with the Sage Horticultural Balance Arm - Complete Kit.

Please note that the plug provided with the Balance Arm Sensor Unit is not designed to plug directly into a 240V power supply. To work as a system, it will require the Sage Horticultural Plug Board and 40VA 24V Transformer to operate.

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