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Debco Propagating Medium 25Litre Bag

Debco Propagating Medium 25Litre Bag
Product Code: 1-SPM25

Debco Propagation Mix 25L has been formulated based on the requirements of professional nursery growers, to provide a firm, well structured mixture ideally suited for the propagation of cuttings.

Debco Propagation Mix contains a balanced mixture of ingredients designed and tested to give excellent moisture retention, whilst allowing adequate aeration and good drainage.


  • Horticultural Sand & Grit For Moisture Retention
  • Ideal Ratio Between Aeration & Drainage
  • Trace Elements & Growth Stimulants

For better strike rates use the Debco Horticultural Propagation Mixture in the Sage Horticultural Heated Propagator with seedling Punnet tray and cell tray if required and use a propagation gel for all cuttings.

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