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Greenhouse Prices

When it comes to choosing the perfect greenhouse, most people will first consider greenhouse prices.  However, this is not the best way to choose the right greenhouse for your unique needs because the value of a good greenhouse exceeds purchase price over and over again over years of use. 

It isn’t easy to spot the right greenhouse right from the start, especially if you have so many different options to choose from.  Hopefully, this guide will help you choose the best greenhouse for your need instead of just for your budget.


Greenhouse Prices

How to Choose the Best Greenhouse At The Right Price

Top greenhouse for propagation – Seedlings don’t require a lot of space to grow, so our mini houses are ideal for propagation. Remember, to get the most from your seedlings, it’s always best to sterilise your greenhouse between uses. 

Top greenhouse for herb gardens – You can grow herbs in any greenhouse, but a mini house is the best for these types of gardens because it can be placed close to the kitchen for enhanced convenience.

Top greenhouse for winter growth – Heated greenhouses are the best choice for growing plants during the cold winter months.

Top greenhouse for horticulture crops – Shading greenhouses are the best pick for large growths or horticultural crops.  These netted houses provide adequate protection against extreme heat, sun and protect your crops from drying out.

Luxury greenhouses – Glass greenhouses are the perfect pick if you are investing for luxury or home purposes.  These greenhouses are durable, aesthetically pleasing, enhance property value and they can do double duty as sunrooms.

Budget-friendly greenhouses – Plastic tunnel greenhouses are the most affordable solution for their mass size.  Next to shading houses, they are the most popular for horticultural growing.

Top greenhouse for hobbyists and frequent gardeners – If you are a frequent gardener but cannot afford a glass greenhouse then polycarbonate greenhouses are an reasonably priced solution.  These greenhouses are constructed with aluminium frames, but instead of glass, they are fitted with polycarbonate sheets.  They offer the same classic look as glass greenhouses but are much more affordable.

Most Affordable Greenhouse Prices

Sage Horticultural is a leading supplier of greenhouses and horticulture supplies in Australia.  We offer a huge selection of greenhouse types in different sizes, and our greenhouse kits are an affordable way to get you started.  Our wide range of options ensures that you’ll find plenty of suitable and budget-friendly choices, whether you are looking for something large or something small.

Let Us Help You

Not sure what greenhouse to choose?  Then perhaps it is time to call in the help of our experts.  We can provide you with the best advice on greenhouse types and price.  Our assistants can also help you find all the accessories you will need including benches, shelves, propagation equipment, handling equipment, films, fabrics, pots, crates, trays, fertilisers, soil conditioners and much more. 

Simply give us a call for a free quote on any of our greenhouse types and sizes or to find out more about our affordable quality greenhouse supplies. 

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