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Eden Glazing Lap Clip

Eden Glazing Lap Clip
Product Code: 4-EGH-LAP.CLP

These clips are priced individually for your convenince, with no minimum amount required for purchase. The lap clip sits in place on the lower piece of glass via a lip, that comfortably fits over the width of the glass.

The Eden Lap Clip requires no additional fixings to be held in place, relying on gravity and the weight of the pane set above to hold it in place. The clip offers a second lip that is in the reverse position to accept the second piece of glass to be placed above the lower pane and continue the cladding.

The Eden Lap Clip works in conjunction with the Eden Glazing Wire Clip to retain the cladding safely to the Eden Glasshouse aluminium frame.

Please refer to your glasshouse documentation to determine on how many Eden Lap Clips you will require per pane before ordering, as sometimes one clip may not offer adequate support for the susbiquent weight of the glass above it.

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