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Eden Glass House Spare Parts & Accessories for Sale Australia

Eden Spare Parts, Auto Vent Opener, Glazing Wire Clip, Glazing Lap Clip, Crop-Support-Clip & more.

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Auto Vent Opener For Glasshouses
Specially designed for greenhouses, this allows the roof vent to automatically open and close res..
Eden Crop Support Clip
These are handy little black plastic fittings that clip directly into the frame of your Eden gree..
Eden Glazing Lap Clip
These clips are priced individually for your convenince, with no minimum amount required for purc..
Eden Glazing Rubber 50 Metres
Eden Glazing Rubber 50 Metres Glazing Rubber exclusively made for Eden Glasshouses, available..
Eden Glazing Wire Clip
These clips are priced individually for your convenience, with no minimum amount to purchase. It ..
Eden Nut & Bolt Set
EDEB NUT & BOLT SET Stainless steel nuts and bolts used on all Eden glasshouses. Sold..
Eden Woolpile( per metre ) Door Seal - Glasshouse Accessories
Glasshouse Accessories - Woolpile Door Seal is used to seal between door and door frame minimisin..
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