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Lean To Series

Eden Glasshouses Lean To Series for Sale Australia

Do you have limited space in your garden to grow? A lack of green space can be enough to dissuade anyone from growing their own plants or vegetables. However, at Sage Horticultural we believe that almost any space can be converted into a garden. Furthermore, we have just the solution for the aspiring gardener with no room to plant - the lean-to.

All you need to get your fingers green is a spare wall along your garden or shed. You don’t even need any grass or soil underfoot. Most lean-tos are built on a solid brick or concrete stem wall, often with a stone veneer which acts as a ‘heat sink’ that can help retain heat as night sets in.

A lean-to is an excellent choice for sun-facing gardens. Heat from the Sun is absorbed into the wall during the day. At night it is then released into the greenhouse ensuring an ideal growing environment. For more temperate climates the internal wall can be painted white to reflect sunlight and heat back into the lean-to.


Lean-to Greenhouses, The Perfect Fit for Any Garden

Our series of polycarbonate lean-tos include:

  • Full diagonal side wall bracing
  • Heavy-duty top hung single sliding door
  • Deep 14mm Profiles ‘Slide/Lock’ Insertion system
  • Sturdy Zinc plated steel base and anchoring pegs
  • 6mm UV protected twin-wall raw polycarbonate panels
  • Ridge and eave bracing, increasing strength by 30%
  • 2 opening roof vents
  • Guttering for easy drainage and water collection
  • Stainless steel grade nuts, bolts and screws
  • 10 plant hangers
  • Detailed installation instruction guide
  • Floor space of either 4 or 4.8 metres squared
  • Green or silver frame finish

Our selection of Eden lean-tos come with:

  • Wide, lockable double doors
  • High eaves for both people and plants
  • Wide gutters for ease of maintenance
  • Floor space of 3.36, 4.93 or 7.24 metres squared
  • Green, black or silver frame finish
  • Toughened safety glass or polycarbonate glazing

Grow Your Own at Home

Two things are essential to the success of any garden regardless of size or scale: attentive care and excellent housing. Only the best quality materials can ensure successful growth, and with a Sage Horticultural lean-to, your garden is guaranteed to flourish.

A lean-to residential glasshouse offers a unique space for the whole family to enjoy. Lean-to glasshouses are the perfect place to grow fresh organic produce. More and more families are becoming self-reliant and growing their own fruit and vegetables at home. The increase in home growers demonstrates that it doesn’t take a large plot of land or a professional operation to grow your own produce. Small grow spaces like a lean-to are ideally suited to this type of home growing.

Lean on Sage Horticultural

If you’re considering adding some extra grow space to your garden or setting up a small herb or vegetable patch, then a Sage Horticultural lean-to greenhouse could be just what you need. Drop us a line or enquire in store to learn how we can help transform your backyard into a garden.

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