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Greenhouse Kits In Australia

Whether you are starting your own small vegetable garden or extending your delicate nursery, longevity is key to successful cultivation. Good quality greenhouses are not simply a good way to maintain your plants they are essential to the long-term growth and survival of your garden year on year. Our entire range of greenhouse kits are composed of the highest grade materials and are designed to last.


Looking for Quality Greenhouse Kits in Australia?

Then Sage Horticultural has exactly what you need. Greenhouses help regulate temperature, protect from pests and provide plants with the optimum conditions they need to grow and thrive. They form a vital part of any garden or grow operation.

The Benefits of A Greenhouse Kit

We offer a full range of greenhouses kits that caters to the needs of all gardeners, growers and farmers. Our houses span a wide array of sizes to suit every garden and grow space. Our kits include:

  • Mini houses - perfect for hobbyist gardeners who grow herbs, vegetables and seedlings in their backyard. These houses can be placed on soil or concrete making them a versatile grow space in any garden.
  • Hothouses - excellent for backyard propagation and growing of vegetables and plants that require an even, relatively warm temperature. Hothouses are also available with split roofs that allow hot air to escape, creating superior airflow while protecting plants from birds and pests.
  • Shade houses - essential to plants that thrive in temperate climates. These houses protect plants from excessive heat, light and aridity while also preventing frost damage during cold snaps. They are often the best way to cultivate plants and seedlings that flourish in the shade.
  • Polytunnels - the ideal solution for DIY home gardeners offering greater space for vegetable cultivation. The increased space offered by a polytunnel also makes it the first choice for commercial growers and nurseries.
  • Polycarbonate greenhouses - our polycarbonate greenhouses satisfy the needs of beginners, hobbyists and professionals alike. Our series of Garden Pro, Prestige and Premium Imperial greenhouses cater to all gardeners regardless of their level of expertise. Plus, they boast superior wind resistance, ‘slide and lock’ assembly and lifetime warranty.
  • Glasshouses - the dream for any horticulturist. The predecessor to the greenhouse has been perfected to modern standards. Our reinforced aluminium Eden glasshouses are fully customisable and built to last generations.

The Importance of Quality Greenhouse Kits

All of our greenhouse kits in Australia are easy to transport and install, plus they come with detailed assembly instructions so you can construct your greenhouse yourself. However, Sage Horticultural also offers professional installation on most of our products as well as expert technical support and delivery.

When it comes to greenhouse kits, we have everything you need as well as the expertise to advise on the best kit to suit your garden. You can find all of our products listed on our website, but if you’re unsure about where to start why not phone us or stop by in store? We’d be happy to help point you in the right direction and find the best setup for your ideal greenhouse.

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