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Glasshouses - Eden Aluminium

Glasshouses - Eden Aluminium

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Aluminium Glasshouses

The environment in which you choose to house your flowers, plants, fruits and vegetables is critical to their health and growth. An aluminium green house offers the ideal addition to your garden, providing a sturdy frame that will stand the test of the time. At Sage Horticultural, we are known for stocking the most extensive greenhouse supply in Australia. That reputation would not stand if we did not stock the most in demand brand of aluminium green house Australia has to offer – Eden glasshouses.

Why consider an Eden aluminium greenhouse?

Superior aesthetic

A key reason why many commercial and avid home gardeners opt for an aluminium greenhouse over a wooden, steel or plastic material alternative is that offers the sleekest appearance. It won’t rust to the level that steel does or rot like wood, which can result in a significant eyesore in your garden. The bright and shiny appearance will last a significant amount of time.

Simplicity of construction

Hobby gardeners thoroughly appreciate how easy to construct our Eden aluminium greenhouse garden sheds are. Aluminium is a relatively light material so positioning each side into place can done without great effort and drilling holes is a far easier task versus steel as it is a softer material.


Our aluminium Eden greenhouses are undoubtedly among the most durable. If you are looking for a glasshouse that will stand the test of time and provide an ideal housing environment year after year, an aluminium glasshouse is your best bet. They won’t rust, rot or suffer corrosion from exposure to sunlight, which is a huge bonus.

Virtually Maintenance Free

Whether you are growing plants as a hobby or for commercial purposes, your attention and focus should be on the maintenance and care of your shrubs rather than the greenhouse in which they are stored. Aluminium greenhouses are virtually maintenance free – although it is a good idea to paint them every now and again, you won’t need to treat and varnish them as you would with a wooden alternative.

At Sage Horticultural, we offer aluminium glasshouses in a vast range of different sizes to meet any home or commercial gardening requirements. With our online store, it has never been easier to find and purchase aluminium greenhouses online in Australia. 

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Choose from our “LeanTo” glasshouses which can be attached to a fence or wall, our 6 series greenhouses which are perfect for domestic use, our 8 series greenhouses which meet larger requirements, our 10 series range which offers extensive housing for domestic or commercial purposes or our Grand series which offers a premium housing environment for your plants and shrubs.

Can’t find an aluminium greenhouse to suit your needs? Feel free to call the expert team at Sage Horticultural on 03 9796 3100 for expert advice and assistance.

For any serious gardening enthusiast, whether you are a home gardener grower or a commercial grower, there is one necessary piece of equipment – a glasshouse. Glasshouses provide the perfect environment for your plants, flowers and herbs to grow. …Readmore

Glass houses provide vital shelter not just to the plants growing within but to the gardeners as well, who can enjoy the optimum climates that a glasshouse offers throughout the changing seasons. This ensures that all year round gardening is as simple as possible. Glasshouses (also known as greenhouses) provide excellent light transmission, warmth and protection, therefore creating an optimal environment whether it be for your exotic tropical plants or  your favourite vegetables & herbs.

Sage Horticultural provides one of the best ranges of glass houses Melbourne has to offer. We offer a vast selection of greenhouses/glasshouses from one of the best loved and highest quality brands on the market – Eden glasshouses. Enjoy innovative design and robust construction at a great value price. We carry all the most popular Eden Aluminium glasshouses including the Lean to series, 6 series, 8 series, 10 series and Grand series as well as a large quantity of spare parts and accessories. We even stock the great Eden range of shade cover kits for glasshouses.

The Eden brand is well-established, with gardeners throughout the world reaping the benefits of Eden greenhouses for over 40 years. We are proud to offer this fantastic selection of glasshouses not only in our physical store but online via our e-commerce store, enabling us to serve the entire country of Australia with essential products and equipment for home or commercial gardening. Getting the right glasshouse to fit your needs has never been easier. Sage Horticultural is the one-stop online shop for all things gardening and glasshouses.

Whether you are purchasing a glasshouse for the first time or whether you are an experienced commercial grower requiring a large size glasshouse, we can meet your every need. No matter the space, no matter the use, we have a glasshouse to suit. Once you’ve selected the right glasshouse to meet your needs, why don’t you have a little browse around our online store?

Our selection of quality gardening and horticultural products is extensive. We don’t just sell glasshouses and greenhouse kits! We also supply plastic tunnel houses and accessories, propagation equipment including thermostat controlled bottom heating, misting equipment, irrigation and water saving equipment, plant benching, tiered plant stands & potting benches, nursery automation potting machines and spare parts, horticultural handling equipment such as trolleys and barrows and horticultural plastics, fabrics, shades and materials. Of course we also offer pots, crates, trays, liquid fertilisers, growing mediums such as perlite, vermiculite coir peat, gardening tools and sprayers, tree guards and self watering growing boxes.

For the best range of gardening and horticultural products and highest quality glasshouses Australia has to offer, you need only remember one name – Sage Horticultural. Got a question about any of our products? Feel free to give our expert team a call on 03 9796 3100.

Glasshouses for the commercial grower and home gardener grower. Eden Aluminium Glasshouses are quality domestic greenhouses/glasshouses are available in a series of designs, with full accessory range including shadecover kits, plant benches, shelving, roof vents, plant crop clips and auto vents.

The Eden brand has been established for over 40 years and gardeners throughout the world continue to enjoy the benefits of glasshouses that last a lifetime. Eden pioneered the use of aluminium frames with unique custom extrusions which are light, rigid and strong with minimum maintenance.

Eden Aluminium Glasshouses are great for townhouses and apartments where they can be installed on the patio, balcony or in a small garden. Single sliding door as standard feature and large sizes. Take up glasshouse gardening and chances are you’ll be hooked for life! That’s why its so important to make the right choice. Eden Aluminium Glasshouses are a great choice. The Eden name has become synonymous with innovative design, robust construction and quality at value-for-money price. Check our range of Glasshouses.

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