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Horticultural Films, Frost Protection Fabrics & Shade Cloth for Sale Australia

Whether you are a home gardener, hobbyist/ plant collector or a commercial grower, easy access to horticultural materials and equipment is a necessity. Products such as  horticultural plastics eg.  Grotuff ,Solarpro & twin wall cladding such as Corflute  are readily available along with a variety of knitted shadecloths in shade densities ranging from 50% & 70% that can be purchased by the metre or in 50 metre long rolls. 

Are You Looking For Greenhouse Matting, Plastics & Fabrics?

In serving the horticultural needs of every commercial and hobby gardener in Australia, here at Sage Horticultural we are proud to offer all of your essential horticultural plastics, shades, fabrics and materials readily available to purchase through our online store. 

We're Australia's Leading Supplier of Greenhouse Fabrics & Plastics

We understand how important it is to be able to find and purchase some significant operational items online like greenhouses, trolleys, barrows, irrigation equipment, propagation equipment, fertilisers, dosing equipment, and pots and trays. However, plastics and materials are just as essential for any domestic or commercial gardener so we’re here to save you a trip to a gardening supplies store by offering everything you need online.
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We Stock a Huge Range of Horticultural Plastics

Our extensive range of horticultural plastics and materials includes, but is not limited to:

Anti-Bird Netting

Our 5 metre wide anti-bird netting is available to purchase both by metre and by roll and provides a physical barrier, disabling birds and fruit bats from attacking your crop and ruining your hours of work and care.

Greenhouse Plastic

Create your very own greenhouse like environment with our DIY greenhouse plastic, available to purchase per metre or by plastic roll. Choose from 2 metre, 3.75 metre and 7.5 metre wide options.  Each are ideal for creating your own DIY enclosure for flower growing, vegetable seedling production and propagation.

Frost Protection Plastic

Buy Gro-Tuff frost protection plastic rolls online with Sage Horticultural. Each roll of plastic can help to ensure complete plant protection during the Winter months – choose from rolls measuring 1 metre to 50 metres in length.

Weed Matting

Protect against the threat of weeds dettering from the growth of plants or shrubs in your greenhouse with our sheets of black spunbond matting.

Shade Cloth

Shade cloth greenhouse fabric helps to provide essential sun and heat protection creating a cooler climate for your plants. These greenhouse fabrics can also be used as a vegetable garden shade or a general shade cloth for your home.


Solarweave offers 84% light transmission for maximum plant growth and provides superior resistance to UV light degradation.

Capillary Matting

Capillary matting keeps plants moist yet prevents the need for consistent overhead watering. Plants can continue to absorb water from the matting through its water holding capacity.

Twin Wall Cladding

Corflute twin wall-cladding features a one-piece process extruded sheet constructed from two flat skins connected by vertical ribs. These lightweight sheets are surprisingly strong and durable and are ideal for supporting the walls of your greenhouse or glasshouse.

Greenhouse Fabrics Direct from Victoria 

Spend a year working in a greenhouse, and you will gain an undeniable appreciation for the power of the sun and its effect on plants, flowers and shrubs. Every year Australians spend thousands and thousands of dollars attempting to maintain an optimal temperature in which their horticultural and gardening efforts will thrive.

Electricity to power cooling fans will set you back a pretty penny every year, and so greenhouse fabrics have become an alternative that deliver major savings and a much more beneficial environment in which growth can occur.

At Sage Horticultural, our family run business is one of the main go-to places for those with green fingers who want to access the best possible products at the most competitive prices. Based in Hallam, Victoria, our showroom is open Monday to Friday from 8:30 AM to 5 PM, however, for those living further afield, we endeavour to make the purchase and discovery of new products and tools immediately accessible in an easy-to-use way right here on our site.

Rest assured, that manufacture and supply is not all that we offer, and so for those that perhaps would like a little advice or technical expertise, we are here to assist in any way that we can.

How Mesh Fabric and Shade Cloth Improve Your Greenhouse

As a gardener, you appreciate the daily challenge posed by the live environment that you tend to. Your greenhouse makes so much more possible when the cooler weather rolls in, because of its ability to generate and retain heat. However, in Australia, finding heat isn’t a major problem for most of the year, but cooling things down can be.

Your plants, flowers, crops and shrubs become highly stressed during the summer once the heat and light levels climb. This opens them up to pests and bugs that can threaten your investment. While light is an essential requirement for plants to grow, the reality is that Solarpro fabric is just one of many shade options that allow in more than enough for the plants to thrive.

Once you have it in place, the intensity of the sunlight reaching your plants will drop dramatically, which consequently reduces the stress felt by the plant and, therefore, enables it to grow and become much stronger.

Shade cloth and greenhouse mesh fabric typically will intercept up to three-quarters of the sunlight that can reach the plants beneath it. As the temperature of the fabric itself increases and exceeds that both above and below it, it releases this heat upwards, thereby drawing cool air from below, which is referred to as evaporative cooling.

Therefore, what you achieve by putting mesh fabric in place within your greenhouse is a cooling system that does not depend on electricity, which consequently can have a positive effect on reducing your carbon footprint and simultaneously enable your plants to thrive in a much more regulated environment.

The Best Modern Solutions

Gardeners and horticulturalists appreciate that in the process of growing you must be able to figure out ways to control the environment you are working in so that your efforts don’t go to waste. The greenhouse gives you a chance to garden all year round and generate an income from your endeavour, and so by investing in Solarpro or any other greenhouse mesh fabric, this makes those exceedingly hot summer days that little bit less perilous.

At Sage Horticultural, our goal is to make the best possible products accessible to our customers at affordable prices. With the right materials your garden stands to benefit, and so, we are here to ensure you can access the best modern solutions when you need them.

Contact Australia's Plastic Matting Experts Today!

From greenhouse netting to plastic matting and more, Sage Horticultural provides everything you require to complement and build the ideal greenhouse environment. For expert advice and assistance in choosing the horticultural plastics, fabrics and materials for your needs, please feel free to call our expert team on 03 9796 3100.

Creating the optimal environment for plants to survive is an essential task for growers. Having a quality greenhouse in place is key however just having a greenhouse in place may not be enough most of the time. There are several other items or pieces of equipment which are essential to have in place within the greenhouse.

At Sage Horticultural, we offer everything you need to ensure that your glasshouse or greenhouse provides the optimal environment for your plants to grow. We have a comprehensive range of materials available for all horticulture/gardening applications. If you are building your own greenhouse for propagation purposes or raising flower & vegetable seedlings, we offer a vast selection of plastic films to meet your needs. Choose from horticultural fabrics or horticultural materials such as grotuff, solarpro & corflute twin wall plastic sheeting from our online store or visit our store at 2/104 Wedgewood Rd. Hallam Vic 3803  for personal selection and collection of your horticultural products.

You may just require some horticultural shade cloths for those orchids or ferns. If so, we offer a selection of shade densities in various widths from 1.8 metres wide up to 3.6 metres wide, larger widths are available, talk to our staff about your special requirements, if we haven’t got it we can get it ! whatever your needs, we can offer the appropriate length of shade cloth to suit. Consider the cost savings when it comes to watering your plants by using capillary mats for bottom up irrigation. Capillary mats provide an excellent means of conserving water & maintaining plants. There will be times during the year when you need to protect your favourite fruit trees or even your entire vegetable garden from birds. In such cases we offer our standard anti bird netting in widths of up to 5 metres in any length by the metre.  Whatever your need in regards to horticultural plastics, materials, fabrics or shade, Sage Horticultural are here to help.

Need other gardening or horticultural products? Sage Horticultural serves as the one-stop-shop in Australia for all your gardening and horticultural products. Outside of plastics, materials, shades and fabrics, we also offer glasshouses, plastic greenhouses, gardening equipment, plastic pots, seedling trays, nursery trolleys & barrows, irrigation equipment, potting machines and much more. Got a question about any of our horticultural plastics, materials, fabrics or shade cloths? Feel free to contact the expert team at Sage Horticultural at 03 9796 3100 or via our website  for further information.

We have a comprehensive range of materials available for all horticulture / gardening application. You can purchase it all here. If you are building your own greenhouse for propagation purposes or raising flower & vegetable seedlings, we have selections of plastic films such as grotuff, solarpro & corflute twin wall plastic sheeting. You may just require some shadecloth for those orchids or ferns, we have a selection of shade densities in various widths from 1.8 metres wide up to 3.6 metres wide.

Consider the cost savings when it comes to watering your plants by using capillary mat for bottom up irrigation, a great way to conserve water & to maintain healthy vigorous plants. There will be times during the year when you need to protect your favorite fruit trees or the vegetable garden from birds, we have anti bird netting in widths of up to 6 metres  which you can purchase by the metre.

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