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Greenhouse Plastic- Per Roll

Those that invested in a glasshouse will understand the careful attention that must be paid in terms of where it is located on your premises, and with regards to the kind of hazards that exist or tend to be found in the vicinity. However, while there are still plenty of greenhouse purists in the world, many have turned their attention toward plastic roll as a worthy alternative.


Greenhouse Plastic Film Roll

Greenhouse Plastic Roll Shipping Direct from Victoria

Here at Sage Horticultural, as market leaders in the manufacture and supply of high quality, premium gardening and horticultural products, we endeavour to afford any Australians with the green finger gene access to everything that they might need at a price that is right. Our headquarters are in Hallam, Victoria, where we operate a showroom Monday to Friday from 8:30 AM to 5 PM, but our reach extends a whole lot further.

Our online presence gives our customers that chance to find the best for less and have it shipped directly to their door no matter where they are in the country. The process is kept simple because we know that you have more important things to tend to in your garden.

Plastic Rolls: The Flexible Friend of the Greenhouse

If you have decided to go with a plastic greenhouse, then a roll of plastic is something that will come in handy every so often. While plastic offers a much greater level of resistance compared to glass, there will come a time that it succumbs to pressure, impacts or accidental collisions.

The good thing about it is that you won’t need to call a specialist contractor to repair the damage. Plastic is the friend of the DIY oriented gardener, and so you can patch things up quickly and continue to care for your plants without another moment’s thought.

Greenhouse plastic roll is a much more economical choice when compared to glass. Not only will it better insulate your greenhouse, but it will ensure that the average temperature is higher, which makes for better conditions for your plants to grow in.

Plastic also affords gardeners a greater amount of flexibility in terms of the shapes and sizes that it can cater to. A single piece of glass must be specific to the gap it is fitting, whereas with a plastic film roll you can quickly and conveniently cover up tears, replace panels and tailor its dimensions as you see fit and without having to acquire specialist cutting tools.

Best of all, regarding giving you a key advantage when the temperatures drop, with plastic in place you can extend the growing season. This is crucial to those that derive an income from what they plant and cultivate and can ensure that there are more harvests possible throughout the year that will make for a healthier bottom line.

Protect Your investment with Plastic Film Rolls

At Sage Horticultural, we are the ultimate one-stop shop. Further to our product range, our customers are encouraged to get in touch if they need technical advice, require fertiliser formulations, or leaf and soil analysis interpretation.

Plastic roll is one of the more popular items that we stock, given the tremendous flexibility it offers and the range of uses it can be put to. As such, if you are setting out to build a greenhouse, or have a plastic covered haven already in place, why not browse our online store and secure the means to protect your investment should it ever become compromised.

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