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Capillary Mat - Choose metres. Cut to length.

Stored water moves from the mat into the pore spaces of the growing medium via capillary action (water molecules adhering to themselves and to the mix particles). The capillary process is facilitated by continuous column and flow of water from the mat to the plant roots.

This matting keeps plants moist and stops the need for excess overhead watering. Plants absorb water from the matting due to the water holding capacity of the matting fabric. The capillary matting works best on  a firm horizontal surface. This capillary matting has minimal draw up capacity due to polymer fabric construction of the material.

The best way to keep water up to the capillary matting is to run drip irrigation line, ( 13mm diameter ) every 200mm across the width of the mat. Once drip line is installed place drip emitters every 150mm apart along the drip line.Prior to the installation of the drip line & placement of pots onto the capillary matting, wet the matting down with a hose to load up the matting with water, the drip line will maintain the wetting of the mat at regular intervals, run trials as seasonal change will vary the length of time between the requirement  of water application to the mat.

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Capillary Watering Mat 2.0 Metres Wide. Choose metres. Cut to length
Capillary Watering Mat 2.0 Metres Wide. Choose metres. Cut to length. This matting keeps plan..
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